baby pomeranian

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tiniest pupper = a dog at work that i nicknamed tp (stands for tiny puppy) and she was a lil baby pomeranian + poodle (a pomapoo!)

Tiniest puppers i’ve ever seen were Biewer Yorkshire Terrier puppies that i helped deliver!

This is from 2010. Never heard of a Biewer Yorkie then, and I still don’t hear about them today. I guess they’re piebald Yorkies, which is a recessive trait, and are only bred together so they are their own breed? I’ve helped deliver lots of puppies, but these were the teeniest. I have a video too but tumblr is being mega lame!

“Wade and the Pom” - Digital Oil Painting

“Oh, sorry, there was only one shirt, I assumed it was for him… You don’t mind, do you?”

Obviously, this is Wade before the procedure that turned him into his final form. He named the dog ‘Crotchbiter,’ or Bitey for short.

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