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I never, ever draw. I have never been good at it, and I’m not the type to spend too much time on a thing if I’ve been told I lack the aptitude to excel at it (my entire elementary school life was a string of parent teacher conferences in which my mother, whose graceful penmanship I eventually studied enough to be able to replicate when I try really really hard, had to hear about how undeveloped my fine motor skills were compared to the other kids).

But I’ve really started taking my bullet journal as an opportunity to slow down when I reach that point in the day where things have become too much, to remind myself of why I’m doing this, to give myself gifts of pretty little details and quotes that will center me when I’m out of sorts from working too hard or for too long.

And today seemed like a fitting day to doodle, as it is Yuri Plisetsky’s birthday. This smol rage baby is the child that lives inside me in so many ways - brilliant but scared, short-tempered but hungry for all he is capable of achieving. Yurio winning the Grand Prix final was, for me, not about Yuuri realizing he is still worthwhile if he comes in second - it was about the culmination of an arc of risks, of pushing oneself beyond the limits of what ever seems possible, and most importantly of letting other people in so that you can be stronger together. Alongside Yuuri’s trust in himself and Viktor’s development of a full and meaningful life, Yuri’s growth reminds me to center the things I admire most about myself - my ambition, my willingness to do what it takes, and, in the end, the way that my emotions can be a part of what takes me and my work to a really amazing place if I can channel them toward my goal.

Happy birthday, then, to the ice tiger, the prima of my heart. You’re a little shit, and we all love you for it.

Yuuri cries when Viktor threatens to leave him

Viktor cries when Yuuri says he wants to retire, which means he’d have to leave Yuuri

the separation anxiety is strong in these two

  • Jughead: *rages about closing of the drive-in*
  • Veronica & Kevin: *try to reason with him*
  • Jughead: *keeps raging*
  • Betty: *says one thing*
  • Jughead: *swoons*

Johnny please let Doyoung love his baby ♥♥


Harry Potter Art Challenge- Day Eight : Favorite Quote

This is a quote from Dumbledore in Goblet of Fire. I thought it fit every character in the book so..

I’m sorry I’m rushing this so much but I have no time

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♥ нappy вιrтнday, ѕнιro! ♥ 2•29

i couldn’t wait to post this on his birthday.. so happy early birthday, my fav space dad! i can’t believe he’s turning 5! they grow up so fast,,..