baby pitt


You wanna hold her?

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David naming his scary dogs cute names like snowflake or daisy the goes "hey kids wanna see a picture of my dogs *insert names that make them sound like harmless babies*" *shows kids fucking Pitt bulls and rottweilers and other "dangerous" dogs*


give him all three like during the summer his parents or w/e family takes care of them during camp

the rottweiler is Daisy, the doberman is Sparks, and the Pitbull is Marnie

everyone expects to see like pomeranians or beagles nah it’s just endless pictures of him posing with these 3 fuckin massive babies

I am beyond overwhelmed to have hit this milestone. I don’t even a little bit deserve so many wonderful people, and honestly it just makes me wish that I could know even more of you amazing people better.

I have so much in my head to say, and some of it isn’t just incoherent crying, but I can’t verbalize it to save my life. But know that this, and everybody who is constantly so sweet and supportive of me, absolutely makes my day. I wouldn’t have stuck around here as long as I have if it weren’t for you.

I believe that it is customary to make a list of faves, so I want to take the opportunity to thank some lovely people in particular for talking to me, making me laugh, and impressing the crap out of me with your work. I was going to try to write something for everyone, but if I did that I’m afraid I might be here all night. Just know that I love you all, but if you still need a hype-woman I am all too willing to provide the service 

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A very special shoutout to my friends from former fandoms who have stuck with me for all this time, you guys are angels and champions; @alyssaannfrank @magnusgoatee @raveras @suspensionbridges @timgutterson

And on no uncertain terms should anybody at all be following @ethan-coen whatsoever. 

Thank you and good night