baby pits

They’re the diner you look up when you’re hungry and out of town, but I’m the home cooked meal.

They’re like that roller coaster at an amusement park you go to once a year, but I am the swing set down the street from your childhood home.

They’re like sleeping at the beach with a stranger and I am sleeping next to the fireplace while the Christmas lights sparkle in the room.

They’re the same old hike you’ve been doing since you were 12 and I’m the one who turns off a random road and holds you off the edge so you know what safety feels like as you fall.

Don’t you get it baby?

They’re like a pit stop on a summer road trip and I am an adventure home.

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For the anon requesting German Shepherds, Great Pyrenees, Golden Retrievers, and Pit Bulls, here you go!

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the extra cute and proper use of a fresh water bottle by Kim Jongdae