baby pirates


Afternoon tea at The Busena Terrace

Skirt: Fint
Top, hat and gloves: Vintage/thrifted
Bag: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Parasol: Alice and the Pirates
Tea cup and saucer earrings were bought at the Romantic à la Mode fair, but I can’t remember the artist/brand’s name. :(

It’s been years, and so much has happened between then and now but Emma still remembers it so vividly in her mind – the last time she’d seen Killian cry. They had been standing in the deepest part of the Underworld then, in a cavern full of shadows and pale red light and shattered hope. Their last-ditch effort to save him had failed; the tree that bore ambrosia had been cut, and any chance that Killian had had of leaving with her had disintegrated into dust, just like the dried, dead food of the Gods she had held in the palm of her hand.

The only thing they could do, was say goodbye, and ask one last promise of each other: to let the other go and move on. She can still recall those very last moments – his whispered ‘I love you’ and her answering ‘I love you, too’ followed by the fierce press of his mouth against hers.

The way his hand had tangled in her hair a final time as he’d held her close.

The desperate grasping of his fingers before he’d slipped out of reach and grief had pooled heavily in the pit of her stomach.

The lone tear she’d watched trail down his cheek while the elevator had taken her up and away forever.

It was an image that haunted her from the moment he disappeared from sight, that made her heart ache until he was back in her arms, by the grace of Zeus, with his laughter echoing in her ears as she’d clung to him in frenzied relief and had attempted to pepper every inch of his face with kisses. She hadn’t realized it was something that had stayed with her until she had this image in front of her to replace it with – a mile-wide grin splitting his face as he sits on the edge of the side of the hospital bed, facing her, his eyes full of awe and so much love as he stares at a tiny, dark-haired baby tucked safely in the crook of his elbow, with twin tracks of moisture on his face.

Words could never adequately describe her exhaustion after labor, but it all melts away when he lifts his head to look at her, stealing her breath because – oh – he’s never quite looked at her that way before. She’s helpless to the smile that tugs at the corners of her lips, helpless to reach out and gently brush his tears away with the tips of her fingers. She cups his cheek and he turns his head to press a kiss to the inside of her palm, then she reaches down to close her hand around the charms on the end of his necklace. It takes nothing more than a light tug to make him lean forward and meet her halfway, his mouth closing over hers in a hard kiss. Emma giggles when he doesn’t pull away immediately, lips pecking at hers over and over and over.

“I love you, Emma,” he tells her quietly, resting his forehead against hers, and it feels like a promise as endless as time.

“I love you, too,” she replies, a contented sigh slipping past her lips. “So much.” And yeah, this is definitely a much better memory to hold in her heart forever.



So ! Since so much people liked our work on Chloe’s letters, and we loved to work on it together, we decided to do some others projects like this !

Here’s our first project ! “Arcadia Bay Pirates”, it’ll tell the story about young Max and Chloe !
To start this, here’s the cover and the first page of it ! We hope you’ll like it ! <3

(PS : If you see errors, spelling mistakes/canon mistakes, don’t hesitate to tell it to us ! We’re french, so it can be difficult sometimes :) )

Fan art : Me
Writter : @ashleyaddams

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