baby pink things

BTS and their lines.

“Ah, oppa, I like it, please hit me a little more.” ~RM

“It’s gon’ get you in trouble, oooh oooh.” ~Jin

“Whether it’s a guy or a girl, my tongue will make you come.” ~Suga

“All the touting girls call me pippi.” ~J-Hope

“Please baby, calm down.” ~Jimin

“Imma give it to you, girl, right now.” ~V

“Yes I’m a bad boy, so I like bad girl.” ~Jungkook

I (not so) low key bro-ship you guys….because you and keilattes are just too precious for this world with your adorable endering ‘I love you more’ squables.


I can’t believe you came back with a grapefruit child I’m 
how did you use my tags against me afgjfdkljg

anonymous asked:

Im curious how many followers do you have because like you are one of the most famous yoi blogs especially with your lil cutie keilattes

asdjfdk hhh I’d rather not say, but it’s a lot, and I’m really grateful ;v;
also who decides on these things though omg?? 
SDJFDJLFK LIL CUTIE KEILATTES…….. kei you’re a cutie

also I hope you don’t mind that I use your ask to answer a bunch of other ones too hahah

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