baby pink shoes


DIY Pixie Pom Old Skools

Pom poms are all the rage right now. You’ve seen them everywhere from purses and keychains to jewelry, and it was only a matter of time until we added these little cuties to our Vans. Embrace this playful trend with our easy-to-follow DIY below!

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Hey all! I’ve got a lot to update on…but today is not the day. But all is well here, or at least on the path to getting better as Marshall and I move forward…and from the thousands of people I witnessed on Saturday refusing to be silenced I feel like maybe, just maybe our country is doing the same.

I have so much to say…but I’m not quite sure how to keep this a reasonable length if I attempt to say it all. But the main point I wanted to get across was exactly what my sign said at the march. No child should live in fear for themselves or their parents on any level. And trust me…I know first hand how nasty the world can be, I know the fear that comes with having my very existence being dismissed and disrespected…but I had some kick ass parents who were there for me every step of the way, even when I knew they were fearful themselves. That, that is what I want to be for Luana and that is what I saw at the march. So many parents with their children, teaching them not to be silent and that they were there through this trying time with them. Cliche as it may be, our kids really are the future and teaching them to show compassion, bravery, and just some common fucking sense will make a world of difference. Sure there is so much fighting left to do from now and onto the next four years (God help us all) but the positive and loving atmosphere at the march was astounding and that is what I want to set as the tone for as long as I can in my own home as well as anything else I might be involved in.

Anyways, I‘m rambling as per usual. I’m just so happy that I could be a part of such a beautiful event and experience it with my little petal & my mom (thank her for the picture).

Much Love & Peace -