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I was having a chat with one of my lady-friends the other day about the benefits of rose quarts and I feel that some people have got the wrong idea about it, so immaletchu’finish, but…

💗 firstly, there is no guarantee that if you wear rose quarts, some sexual half naked man will fall from the sky and put a ring on it. The energies of rose quartz attract and open you up to what is love: love from friends, love within yourself, and love from outsiders (and by love, I mean respect, appreciation, admiration and the desire to see you happy and well).

💗 It promotes bonding with other people and brings a calm, positive feeling to the connections you share, opening both parties up to endlessly and unconditionally give and receive love.

💗 It carries a feminine energy of peace and tenderness, giving it the title of (for obvious reasons) The Heart Stone. It inspires the wearer to appreciate and see the true beauty in the people and the world around them and encourages them to see past any negative smog into the goodness underneath.

Essentially, Rose Quartz is most beneficial for people who are finding it hard to see the good in their life or in other people. Best worn by those who have experienced negative or disappointing personal relationships (such as those with estranged parents or the survivors of domestic/relationship abuse) or are feeling nihilistic about life and struggling to see the bright side.  An essential for the lonely.