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49 52 same age hartwin

You know, part of the fun of these prompt memes is picking my own AU but for you, anon, I will forego my love of age gaps this time.

49: “Lets have a baby.” 

52: “Can we cuddle?”


“You can’t,” Felicia said. “You’re a boy.”

Harry didn’t look phased at all. “There’s no reason why I shouldn’t be allowed to play house. Boys and girls can do both.”

“No you can’t!” She raised her voice a little but Harry didn’t seem to notice.

“I’m going to live in a house someday, aren’t I?” Harry said reasonably, and faced with this unarguable logic Felicia took refuge in tears, shrieking at Harry until the teacher came over to reprimand him for picking on the girls.

Eggsy didn’t get it. He wanted to be cool, to have all the neat stuff the other boys did, to run around and be friends with them. Harry didn’t care. He wanted to play house and watch butterflies, and it kind of pissed Eggsy off, but also, well, it pissed him off that other people objected. What business of it was theirs?

Harry wandered off, looking a bit dejected but still defiant. Eggsy kicked a rock. He knew what he should do, but it was difficult. Eventually, with a sigh of resignation directed at his own conscience, he approached the other boy.

“You wanna play with me?” he asked. It’s not like people were queuing up to play with him; not with his cheap clothes.

Harry regarded him warily. “I want to play house.”

“Can we play sword-fighting after?” Eggsy recognised an immovable object when he saw one.


“We need a telly!”

“We need a fireplace!” This house business was more involved than Eggsy thought. It wasn’t so bad though. They already had a lift (a part played by the slide) and a tree was drafted in to be ‘the east wing of the mansion.’

Harry watched the girls monopolizing the dolls. “This house isn’t right. Let’s have a baby.”

Eggsy was not in a million years going to go over there and ask for a doll. If Harry couldn’t do it, with his designer playclothes and poshest accent, he certainly couldn’t.

“Here.” Harry handed him something. “Hold him carefully.”

A pine-cone. Eggsy cradled it awkwardly. Pinecone Baby turned out to be a quiet and agreeable child, who stayed where he was put. They sat at the base of the tree, their spiky child in Harry’s lap.

“Thank you for playing with me,” Harry said quietly. “This is nice.”

“‘Salright,” Eggsy said, a bit struck by Harry’s earnest feeling. “What else do we need to do?”

“Can we cuddle?” He looked apprehensive, and Eggsy wondered if his Mum cuddled him enough.

“I guess.” He put his shoulder against Harry’s and Harry leaned into him, smelling of pine needles and laundry detergent. His curls tickled Eggsy’s cheek. It was kind of nice. He wrapped an arm around him like his Mum did, and Harry blinked at him owlishly, like he was memorising his face.

“What’s all this?” Charlie and his friends. Eggsy’s stomach clenched. “Why are you playing with him?” Eggsy wasn’t exactly sure which of the two of them he was talking to.

Harry watched him warily.

“Tch! What’s this?” He kicked Pinecone Baby, sending him skittering across the ground and Eggsy felt a sudden flare of anger.

“We ain’t bothering you!” Eggsy said and the recoiled as Charlie turned on him, smirking to finally get a reaction.

“Yes you are.”

“What do we do now?” Eggsy asked, wondering where the teacher had got go. Charlie was pretty good at timing his attacks to make sure they weren’t watching.

Harry patted him on the hand and got to his feet, picking up a stick as he did so. “Now we play sword-fighting,” he said.


Adventures with gckaf!

During my visit with friend gckaf this past weekend, I also got to explore gckaf’s yard.  First order of business:  Finding and nomming the big beautiful dandies!  After my dandie snack, we investigated a tree that is growing funny purple pinecones.  I was so focused on investigating that I fell right off–into gckaf’s hand, thankfully!

Next, I showed off my running skills by running down an entire half of a tennis court.  I tried to nom some mystery grass at the side of the tennis court, but Mommy said no.  So I sat on a hammer with my dandies instead!