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I was tagged by @reginaspektorvevo and @madredetristeza​ to do the baby bias pic tag which is so adorable. I love seeing baby pics sooo much! Yall already know I can’t choose between XiuSoo so

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Baby pictures with your bias!

Tagged by @suavesehun!!! (You should go see HER baby pictures they’re the cutest) I’m in the bus so I don’t have any pictures of baby Sehun but here’s me as a toddler! /u\

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Can you please explain the concept and receipts of "warning selfies" ???? I'm hella confused

When some ugly things (usually bg related) is about to go down, Louis posts a selfie (never smiling, always looking kind of sad). Sometimes there captions, sometimes just emojis, and rarely just a blank caption. Just look at his IG for receipts, everytime he had to post a baby pic, he’d post a selfie before 

So, Scoob, Shag, Scrappy, and the lil’ dragon land in front of a castle.

And look beautifully distorted from the impact, I’ll add.

They reach the wooden gates, but– oh noes! It’s locked!

The dragon breathes fire on the lock, but…

…oh noes twice! The lock is a special fire-resistant type!

Well, fortunately, there’s still an easy solution. Let’s look at the facts of the situation, here.

1. You’ve got a dragon with fire hot enough to melt/burn even metal, and did so multiple times earlier in the movie

2. You need to get through a door made of wood

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Because the obvious solution is to have Scooby pick the lock with his tail.

I mean, duh.