baby peeks

Get that drumroll ready, baby! A little sneak peek and request from my upcoming lifestyle and advice vlog, Therapy and Jesus. The launch is right around the corner, and I have some great topics and guests prepared for you!

Here’s your chance to submit your ideas and questions. Follow the link below, and let me know what you would like to see on the vlog. Send in topics, people you’d like me interview or talk with, and all of the situations where you’d like to seek my advice! I’d love to hear from you!

Therapy And Jesus Submissions

(If you send in requests for advice, and I don’t pick it for the vlog, you will receive a personal message from me, giving you my feedback.)

  • me: um Daddy i'm sad
  • daddy: *dashes out of the room as fast as he can*
  • me: *starts to cry under the covers*
  • daddy: *rushes back and sets all my stuffies around me* they will help take care of you, okay baby?
  • me: *peeks out from under the covers and nods* mhm
  • daddy: *pops my binky in my mouth and sets my bottle next to me* you'll be okay little one
  • me: *wipes my tears and smiles a little*
  • daddy: *hops into bed with me and hold me against him* i love you, i pinky promise you will be all better soon

Three Gems And A Baby sneak peek

Harry blurb sneak peek

Harry’s eyes opened, to a small ray of light coming through his window. He looked around his spacious NYC home. It was simple, but beautiful, just as he liked it. For the most part the decor was gray or white, a pop of color thrown in some places to make it feel more homey. Harry slowly sat up in the bed, looking out his window to see a beautiful NYC sunrise. He looked to his side feeling a slight movement, it was you. Memories from the night before flooded his mind.

“Harry!” You moan, tugging on his hair as he thrusts into you. He smiled, liking the way his name sounded when you said it. He couldn’t help but moan either, because you felt so bloody good. The thrusts were slow but deep. You could feel every inch of him and he could feel every inch of you. This was your first time together, and it was absolutely magical.

my favourite bit about the sneak peeks (for 3x07) is how in sync Quintis seem, like i dont know id its just me but they just some more… together? closer? idk how to explain but yeah

like when tim was asking if it were okay for his parents to come, Toby looked at her, Happy looked at him and then they both looked away AT THS SAME TIME

and when cabe was complaining about the theromostat, toby giggling and then HAPPY’S LITTLE CHUCKLE GAVE ME LIFE!!! IS SHE TRYING TO KILL ME??

and when toby was annoying the hell out of the tv presentor, she was like “thats my little annoying, rare and delightful fungus, im so proud of you”

seriously, cuteness overload in those sneak peeks