baby pad

season 9☕️☕️☕️

hold onto your padded asses, babies bc im about to spill some serious oolong

- alexis has another misstep and blames rupaul, argues w his hologram for five (5) minutes
- farrah is still there bc she’s actually the child of a family friend that ru owes a favor
- production hides nina’s construction paper, breast plate, and hip pads from her for one runway, she cries
- peppermint reveals to the girls that she is a literal angel sent from heaven above (no one is surprised but they thank her for gracing them w her presence)
- michelle visage tells sasha she doesn’t ~understand~ her drag, sasha dumbs it down for michelle visage which lands her in the bottom 2 WITH michelle visage
- in an upcoming episode, the show is completely rebranded as “shea’s drag race”
- trinity avenges her performance in ep 4 by turning untucked into her own recap talk show called “untucked with the tuck”, it is later nominated for an emmy
- a random teen crashes production and tries to fist fight everyone while singing “asi fue”, made zero sense to everyone in the moment, but the person has since been identified as a time-traveling valentina stan

holier things

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…

The voice that drifts soothingly down the hall is hoarse, but steady. Adam rubs his eyes as he rolls over to check on the clock. It’s two in the morning. The other side of the bed is empty, though it’s not cold yet. Adam yawns and sits up as Justin’s voice comes floating through the open doorway again.

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