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Commission for my good buddy @inklingleesquidly of his character Lee and Squid Sister Callie!

“Fast-forward into the future for the best possible ending for the Squidlys. Say hello to the most listened to radio host in town, Lee Squidly– and his happily wedded wife, Callie Squidly, the biggest television personality around. The Squidly clan is bigger than ever, especially with their daughter, Camille, baby boy, Pac-Man, and of course, Grandma Janine.”



1982 brought us Baby Pac-Man, another title created by Bally-Midway without Namco’s permission.

It’s a strange video/pinball hybrid; gameplay starts in “video game” mode on the top screen, and plays similarly to Pac-Man. However, when the player escapes down one of the chutes at the bottom of the screen, the video game mode halts and the pinball mode activates.

In the pinball stage of play, the player can earn enhancements for the video game portion of the game, such as power-ups and, of course, points! When the player eventually loses his ball in the pinball portion, gameplay resumes in the video game mode, but with the chutes closed. Baby Pac-Man must then either lose a life or clear a stage to reopen them.

Thanks to there being only 10,000 units produced, AND the fact the the pinball nature of the game makes conversions nigh-impossible, this is possibly the rarest of the Pac-Man sequels.

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Got screwed over by my boss at Namco so here’s everything I know about characters in the upcoming Smash Bros games. Hope Nintendo appreciates the spoilers! Maybe next time Namco will make sure their supervisors treat their workers better.

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       Did you know that Ms. Pac-Man was not a Namco creation, but an unauthorized modification of the original Pac-Man engine by Bally Midway (the North American publisher of many Namco games, including Pac-Man)?

An American creation, Ms. Pac-Man proved so popular that, back in Japan, Namco took notice and would begin including her in official Pac-Man media.

After Ms. Pac-Man demonstrated that she was a tremendous success,  Bally Midway pushed their luck with more unofficial video games like Jr. Pac-Man, Baby Pac-Man and Professor Pac-Man, which predictably starred variants of Pac-Man. Much like Ms. Pac-Man, Namco added these characters to the official Pac-Man universe.

Ironically, even though Namco welcomed these new American characters in to the Pac-Man universe, Namco terminated their contract with Bally Midway over these unauthorized video games. Despite this, the likes of Jr., Baby, Professor, and, most prominently, Ms. Pac-Man continue to appear in official Pac-Man media over 30 years after their unsanctioned origins.