baby ori


I blame m-sock. We both got rambling over the head cannon that Nori was a late bloomer which lead to Nori being mistaken for a girl, which lead to lots of suitors, an angry Dori, Then onto how Nori would be so proud when his beard came in only to be bested by his baby brother. Who is the cutest baby ever.

Poor Nori it’s not fun when your baby brother has more facial hair than you. 

@areyntheheartseeker just some quick sketchy thing i did for fun for now lol
if i had time to make a comic out of this whole route i would, its like one of the best things i’ve read this year /whipes tears

Of all the things about the dwarves’ names Ori and Kili are the weirdest, for me at least, because kili is a baby goat in Finnish and ori is a stallion or a stud.

Like can you imagine? Kili is an actual baby goat and okay, Ori is a stud. This is one of the reasons I have a hate/love relationship with the Finnish language.

Thorin works at Dis’ bakery with her and the boys as well as Dwalin. (Thorin and Dwalin are veterans).

Bilbo is a Calligrapher who Dis hires to come paint the lettering on their front window (Ori is there to).

Cue Thorin being a nervous gay baby and trying the whole time to gather the courage to go talk to Bilbo. Dwalin is an even BIGGER nervous gay baby.

Ori and Bilbo come in for a break and so muCH FLIRTING HAPPENS.

Fili and Kili are disgusted.

Hobbit Advent, Day 10 -- Hot Chocolate

Dori shuts the door firmly and methodically begins to strip off the armor of his workday – first the scarf and mittens and heavy coat, for it’s bitter cold outside, and then the long apron, full of pins and removed very carefully. As he hangs his things on their pegs in the entryway, he can feel the warmth of the house beginning to seep into his bones and the cares of the day slowly fading away, the tension draining out of his neck and shoulders.

And then a voice – a very familiar voice – says from the parlor, “Long day, eh?” and suddenly his shoulders are back up around his ears.

“Getting longer by the minute,” he answers sharply – or starts to answer; he gets as far as Gett- before turning around to see that Ori is in the room,sitting on his blanket on the floor and, of course, watching raptly as Nori, without any apparent effort or concentration, makes a coin appear and disappear in his hands.

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