baby oil and sugar scrub

This Sugar Rose Scrub must smell absolutely amazing. I must try!

Put 1.5 cups of white sugar, ¼ cup baby oil, 12 rose petals in a food processor and hit the button! After it’s all mixed, put the scrub into a cute mason jar for storage.

how to safely shave your hoo hoo

go to target. or another store like that. I just know that target has a 10 pack of BIC razors for like $3.
buy some baby oil. preferably with aloe.
also. buy some unscented deodorant.

get in the bath. soak up. pamper yourself with a sugar scrub and such.

use the baby oil instead of shaving cream. lather up. use the disposable razor (because it’s always fresh and sharp). shave with the grain. so, downwards, and away from yourself.

you will get all oily, so you’ll want to wash off.

when you’re all done, use the deodorant all over the area you shaved. and bam. you’re smooth and shaved and not cut or bumpy.

Public service announcement!!!!

For all my ladies, if you’ve been shaving your legs, arms, appendages, whatever, with shaving cream/gel for all these years, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

I started using baby oil to shave my legs last Friday and my legs are still silky smooth! Usually I get stubbly the next day but here we are, 5 days later, and it’s perfectly smooth!

So what I did was: made a mixture and exfoliated before hand. It was sugar, lemon juice and baby oil. I scrub a dub dubbed my legs, rinsed, shaved(using baby oil again) and then exfoliated, rinsed, and shaved again. Yes you read that right. Exfoliate, rinse, shave, exfoliate, rinse, shave.

You will thank me for this later