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endless list of plot bunnies | alexandra jones

      Alexandra Jones was known as the intelligent, cynical, forensic scientist who preferred to sit in a corner while reading textbooks rather than socializing with people. In the S.H.I.E.L.D. academy, it was more than difficult for her to find alone time for herself since most of her professors paired her with students in an attempt to make her have at least one friend. After numerous trial and errors, Alex gained-not one-but two best friends. Leopold Fitz and Jemma Simmons were the only two people Alex could tolerate at the academy… and maybe share a few beers with them as well.

     Then the three stooges all got a call from the infamous Agent Coulson and everything changed for them.

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@masseffxt , you rock for these outstanding portraits of the girls <3 thank you thank you thank yooouuuuu!!!!
Izzy/Isadore shepard on the right, angry sentinel commander that likes to smash and make things go boom!
Amber LoveHeart on the left, awkward turian mechanic who was raised and adopted by humans, angry drunk that loves to build spacebikes. Honestly, its like you’ve been drawing turians all your life! Thank you thank yoouuuu!!!

*psssttt, guys, look at the adorable detail on ambers shirt ; ; too cuuuuute ; ;

look at this cute art of my ocs i commissioned from @condofixed !!!! im so in love i need to show you because it made my day, please go commission her!!! ; v; /