baby nsync

I know no one does playlists anymore, but I did one anyways. Click here to listen.

Hail to Scanlan Shorthalt- a fanmix

Bye Bye Bye - *NSYNC ♢ Baby Come Back - Player ♢ Simple and Clean - Hikaru Utada ♢ Apologize - One Republic and Timbaland ♢ Goodbye to You - Michelle Brach ♢ Friends Never Say Goodbye - Elton John ♢ Everybody’s Changing - Keane ♢ Farewell - Rihanna  ♢ Farewell to You - White Lion ♢ Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) - Green Day

Headcanon Edward occasionally hacks the Arkham PA system and plays really awful music at 1 am

His playlist consists of songs such as ‘Jump In The Line’, ‘Dancing Queen’, 'All Star’, 'Bring Me To Life’, 'Ice Ice Baby’, and 'Everybody’ by NSYNC which he timed to play as soon as he was registered entering Arkham

Arkham staff are constantly confused as to why this happens, but all the inmates are aware who the culprit is and occasionally request songs