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The Second Time Around

Written for Day 4 of AU Week: Another Time

Summary: Emma hadn’t planned on getting pregnant the first time. It had been pretty darn awful.

Things were a hell of a lot better the second time around.

Length: 1,463 words

Notes: Long story short, I’m having far too much fun with AU Week and I’m a sucker for pregnancy fics. 

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Emma was late.

She was very late.

Now, Emma was not the most punctual person in the world, but she wasn’t that variety of late.

Oh no, she was late late. It had been six weeks, she’d counted, and nothing. Her boobs were sore, she was tired as fuck, and walking from the station to Granny’s never used to be so tiring. Not wanting to make any assumptions, Emma had run to the pharmacy on her way home after bowing out early from work. A simple complaint of a migraine and her husband and father sent her home to get some rest.

She picked up two pregnancy tests at the pharmacy just to be safe. (It was easy, too easy, to convince Sneezy that she was buying them for an embarrassed friend)

And now, with the completed tests sitting on the bathroom counter, all Emma could do was wait. And pace.

All of a sudden, the timer on her phone went off, signaling that the tests were ready.

“Oh, God,” Emma muttered before steeling herself and going back in the bathroom.

Both of the tests were positive.


She was pregnant.

Holy fuck, she was pregnant.

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