baby no. shhhh it's gonna be ok

Nash Grier Smut : I Miss You


Nash has been in LA for the past two week, he gets lonely one night and decides to give you a call.


                Lying in bed, you were suddenly awoken by the sound of Nash’s ringtone. Glancing over at your clock realizing that it was only 4 am, way too early for Nash to be calling you. With a worried glance you grabbed your phone and clicked the answer button pressing the phone to your ear, Nash’s voice filling the silence of your dark bedroom.

“Hey baby.”

“Nash you know I love you but why the hell are you calling me at 4 am?” You questioned.

“I-I ah, I just wanted to hear your voice babygirl.”

“You woke up with a hard on, didn’t you Nash?” You giggled into the phone.

“No I didn’t I- ok you caught me, I was dreaming about you.”

Your laugh filled the room as you rolled over, imagining Nash all alone in LA. Suddenly an idea popped in your head.

“Well if you tell me what you were dreaming about Hamilton, I can make your dreams come true when I come visit.” You whispered seductively.

“W-well you were wearing that black lace bra I bought you and-“

“That’s funny.” You giggled. ”Because I’m wearing it right now.” All you heard on the line was a moan from Nash and the rustling of his sheets. “Maybe I can help you get off just this once Nashley.” You spoke into the phone.

“Please baby girl, I need you so bad tonight.” He replied.

“Imagine me there laying on top of you kissing up and down your chest, my hands rubbing your growing bulge.”

“Oh fuck Y/N, I wish you were here with me.”

“Shhhh, it’s ok Nash just imagine my lips wrapped around your cock.”

“Oh god Y/N, I’m gonna come.” Nash moaned rather loudly.

“Shhhh! Nash, Cam might hear yo-“

“Could you shut the fuck up Nash its 4am I need my beauty sleep!” You heard Cam scream over the line. Giggling to yourself you whispered. “It was fun while it lasted Nash.”

“I miss you baby.” Nash sighed into the phone.

“I know babe, I miss you too, but I’ll be with you in four days.” You reminded your boyfriend.

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Nash.”

You hung up your phone placing it back on the charger, drifting off again.


A/N: this is my first smut imagine so I hope you guys really like it xx