baby ninjas

Shiro: Come on Pidge, I didn’t drink that much last night.

Pidge: You were flirting with Keith.

Shiro: So what? He’s my boyfriend.

Pidge: You asked him if he was single and started crying when he said he wasn’t.



Maaan, I’m sooo pumped for this episode, they’re all so cuuuuuute. And I don’t care what people say, Greg Cipes making Baby Mikey noices is just amazing, fight me.

Sooooooo, I’ve been on vacation in Croatia for the last week and I’m finally back! Didn’t draw much BUT I’ve been working on something else. I’ve planed out what I’m gonna do for Apritelloweek 2017! I have a theme for each day and an idea on what to draw for every day as well. I think that the stuff I came up with is actually pretty fun and I think all you shippers will love it!
Oh, and I even got 1-2 AU-kinda thingies I wanna make as well but dude, my summer break is almost over and I still gotta do stuff for school! Uuugh, not enough time!

Reblog If You Want A Flash Back Episode In Voltron Season 3 Where Keith And Shiro Met Each Other

Keith: Future husband says what?

Shiro: What?

Keith: *screaming in excitement*

Headcanon that shiro is that kind of dirty rotten thief that steals huge bites out of Keith’s ice cream/food stuff wile he’s distracted. He gets a kick out of Keith’s confused and offended look. Seriously shiro you have your own food gtf away from mine!

Alternatively Keith is the type to look longingly at shiro’s or someone else’s food until shiro caves and give some of his/buys him said food. No one can resist his kicked puppy look. … ok SHIRO can’t resist his kicked puppy look.

Keith: [just got out of surgery, high off his ass from anesthesia, drowsily staring at Shiro] Man, you are eye candy… whoa… Are you a model?
Shiro: [laughs] No.
Keith: Who.. are you?  What’s your name?
Shiro: My name’s Takashi.  I’m your husband.
Keith: WHOA.  You’re MY husband?  Holy shit… I hit the jackpot!
Shiro: (⌒_⌒;)

Based on this video, heh

Shiro:Oh my god Lance I can’t believe that you are daring me to kiss Keith!

Lance:What? No I didn’t.

Shiro:Oh man I can’t believe I am doing this but I can’t step down from a challenge because I am the great leader Takashi Shirogane.

Lance:Nobody is letting yo-