baby niko

“I’m okay.” 

Thank you so much to @plastic-pipes for taking this commission from me. I need something to make myself feel better after the finale and she delivered. You should absolutely check out her commissions page because…just look at how gorgeous this is. 


So, being who I am and since I love the Sims and YOI, the only logical thing to do was to create Victor and Yuuri and of course they had this two cute little babies: Sayuri and Niko!

-I chose two names that could be easily pronounced easily both in Japanese and Russian (and I love Memoirs of a Geisha, so what, sue me)


“You know what, Nate? Underneath all the bravado you’re just a sad little boy with delusions of grandeur… who, by the way, can’t fence for shit. So long, Nathan Drake.”




I know we all had a great time with games like Undertale and for good reason. But Toby wasn’t the only one making games like that, and I get the impression Oneshot doesn’t get as much love because it’s world is maybe a little less fleshed out (though at the moment I would argue that it’s just less comprehensible for a Game Theory type analysis)

The art is adorable, the music is lovely, and the ending made me FEEL THINGS

It’s a trope to have a game with a big capital-D Decision at the end, and they can have mixed results. But Oneshot really, really messed me up. Like I just sat and stared at my computer for several silent minutes because I just couldn’t decide what to do.

If any of that sounds like something you want, please please please support this game. It should be getting way more love.


Pretty baby Niko from OneShot and a little friend you can meet in the latter half of the game. They protect beautiful fur babes :)

I found the game by watching @markiplier‘s play through and decided to play after seeing the first episode and LOVED IT
10 outta 10 would recommend!

Will post more fan art!
I don’t own characters obviously and you can buy the game on steam.