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Super Junior D&E- Strength Of Love

okay can we talk about kesha for a second?? 

she is honestly so strong for everything she went through. i genuinely admire her for not stopping until she was free to make her own music and free from that pig whose name isn’t even worth mentioning. i’m so happy she got out of that whole situation and released a comeback song that really shows her powerful vocals! she honestly, truly deserves to be known for more than her whole party girl “tik tok” image cause sadly, that’s all people remember her by. i loved her since tik tok, i have, but now she’s truly showing off her voice and how great it is. and her song, praying, is so raw and you know exactly how genuine that song was and you can actually feel the pain she felt. it was about her and her struggles. and it didn’t bad mouth him like any other song that is written of someone who did them wrong. it was more like, i’m out of this situation and i wish you the best no matter how shitty you were, and i’m praying for you. kesha is so down to earth and strong and amazing and she deserves so much more. i live for strong women!!! i love her i love her i love her!

kesha rose sebert is a survivor.

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Isak Valtersen featuring HEAVEN (Troye Sivan ft. Betty Who)

As I stated earlier in a post, I am currently re-obsessing over my son Troye Sivan’s Blue Neighbourhood once again. And this song is just a blessing to the world.

And I just couldn’t stop thinking about my other precious son, Isak Valtersen. So yeah. I had to make another edit.

Cute sentences prompt: Tour bus tears

“No, it’s fine. I can wait until you’re done talking to them.”

He knows something is not right. Something’s off. The second he got on the tour bus he knew. It’s a vibe that is in the air but he can’t put his finger on it.

There’s something about her that makes him want to ask her what’s wrong but he actually feels scared to ask.


His bodyguard’s deep voice brings him back into reality. “Do you want to take pictures with them? They keep waiting in front of the bus. I guess they really want to see you”

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