baby neri

ok guys hear me out: Keiko x Nerys x Kassidy

Like imagine, Ben leaves to Enter The Void and after months of living together on DS9 with Nerys as loving, emotionally interdependent Gal Pals®, Kas finally has her baby, and Nerys is absolutely fucking terrified. I mean, she likes kids, and sure she gave birth once (and BOY WAS IT WEIRD) but actually raising the thing? waking up in the middle of the night to comfort it and the constant feeding and diaper changing? She isn’t prepared for this, but she really really wants to be there for Kas (who’s been struggling enough with the loss of her husband to nonlinear spacetime) so she decides to ring up her on-again-off-again gf Keiko, who’s living with her family on Cardassia while Miles works as a teacher. She casually brings up the situation via a friendly subspace google hangout— that Kas gave birth and she feels woefully unprepared to be a parent— and then suggests that, by the way, Keiko should come by the station to meet the baby and catch up with everyone (of course, she’s not going to pressure her into becoming mom #3 right away, but Keiko knows a cry for help when she hears one). Keiko accepts; Miles owes her one anyway after she spent months dragging the kids around with her on a Bajoran botany expedition while he was holo-larping with his twinky british bf, so she sets off for DS9. But, as it turns out, Keiko and Kas really click. Keiko is charmed by her sweet, dorky sense of humor (as well all know, Keiko is a dld, a dork-loving dork), and Kas thinks Keiko’s dumb mom jokes are the funniest thing in the world. With the other women to lean on, Nerys isn’t as stressed and starts to feel like she can really bond with and make a difference in the life of the baby, and besides, she’s so happy to see Keiko and Kas getting along so well. Keiko also starts to realize how close she’s grown with Nerys over the last seven years, and that really, she much prefers this to living on post-canon Cardassia.