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Why J/D have to fall in love and make love in this season exactly? Could not it happen in the next and make it all more believable? Perhaps there will be consequences that will be seen in S8 like a pregnancy? It seems to me the only reasonable reason for forcing this thing so bad. What do you think about it?

O nonny, I’m not sure you’ve come to the right place. I am not a great fan of D@ny and I don’t think their relationship would work out in the long run - which does not mean that Jon and D can’t fall in love or be attracted to each other. Actually, since book 2 I thought that the unwittingly committed incest was a very likely possibility for the story. And since J doesn’t yet know about his parentage, I’m sure this is what will happen. But as a narrative trope this kind of incest never has a happy ending, and GRRM has stated that the habitual incest of the Targaryens resulted in some of their problems. So, I’m pretty sure that one of the reasons the show pushes J and D together is the fact that they don’t have much time left to tell their story. And since the leaks came out I have been convinced that one reason to let J and D become a couple in this season and not the next is that it will not last. They still need to fuck up the relationship so to say.
If J learns about his parentage it will fundamentally turn his world upside down and this will have repercussions on his relationship with D@ny, not only because J might be uncomfortable knowing that D is his aunt, but also because his parentage puts him in a place where a conflict about the IT with D is possible. Jon might not going for the IT, but D@ny most certainly will think he is. I am absolutely convinced that Jon is D@ny’s betrayal for Love, and not because he loves her, but because he will decide for the North and the Starks. A betrayal has to hurt and it will hurt.
So this is, I think, the ultimate reason for J/D@ny feeling rushed. And you could argue that in their first meeting the show certainly teased them as antagonists. It might be that in their rush to bring them together they used a common trope (enemies to friends to lovers) but I think it is more complicated than that. I haven’t seen episode 4 yet, and I’ve read conflicting reports as to how the chemistry works but all have been in unison that D@ny seems to like Jon. And this would fit well.
As for a pregnancy, that is entirely possible and it would only add to the drama of Jon’s revealed parentage that the man who swore never to sire a Bastard would get one with his aunt. D@ny thinks she is barren, but book wise the curse upon her has certain conditions that could be met, making her fertile again or the curse could work literally making her unable to give birth to a living child. I think both are possible.
If it will have an impact on the story other than the drama remains to be seen. I doubt that the baby would have magical Targcest qualities and it won’t be the Prince who was promised, because the baby will not have time to grow up. It might be, that D@ny dies in childbirth which I would think cheap. It might be that the innocent life of the Babe will have to be sacrificed to bring down the Night King or D@ny will give birth and it will remain for Jon and Sansa to come full circle, and Sansa will raise the real Bastard of her husband and will do better than her mother did.
As someone who was raised to be extremely suspicious about notions of ‘better blood’ and white, blonde people as saviours I would hate a magical Jon€nerys baby on principle (but that’s my education in a German school, where we spend many hours deconstructing the superiority myth of Nazi racism).
Anyway, the show has been pushing both: Targcest and Targbowl. The Northern people and especially the Starks have been shown again and again to have a better moral compass than others, and in my interpretation Jon has been shown in juxtaposition to D@ny not in parallel.
Here are my thoughts : Jon will learn of his parentage, his conflicted feelings clash with the fact that the North is not going to accept D@ny just because he vouches for her. He is now a Targ! Jon will have to choose, he’ll choose the Starks, and D@ny will certainly feel betrayed, while it is still entirely possible that it will only look as a betrayal for her. I sincerely hope that the differences in leadership and D@ny’s hypocrisy will be addressed and will play a part in Jon’s decision. The show has to deliver somehow on the issues they raised with D@ny ’s style of ruling. Since D&D love D@ny, A sentiment I can’t understand at all, it may just remain that, a tease of the juxtaposition of different ruling styles. It might on the other hand result in the destruction of the Iron Throne.
As a Jonsa shipper I hope that Jon will survive and marry Sansa. That D@ny is doomed to die is beyond doubt and if she’ll die on the good side after having got some insight or if she does in conflict with the Starks remains to be seen. Thanks for the ask that gave me the opportunity to delve into some of my theories .

Sansa raising a J*nerys baby made from a stupid mistake?
Not in front of my salad!

But If true, then at least she’s kind enough to raise the child for Jon’s sake…

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I'm not kidding when I say I'd pay good money to just be given 4 episodes of like life after the final season to see some domestic Vauseman family time. Alex & Cal's relationship, Alex who'll be Calling&Neri's baby's aunt. The wedding. Being in the Chapman family's living room talking. I'm desperate for it.

I’d definitely watch that. My life would be complete. Auntie Alex, can you imagine lol

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I saw your post about GRRM and the Mereenese Blot essays. What I marked was his clear frustration that more people didn't get what he was doing with that plot, as if he thought it should be much more obvious. Compare it to the season 6 director who said we should be roused but a little horrified by D@enerys. There are other examples like this. People in the know, including​ her very author, keep speaking plainly of D@enerys's spiral into darkness. (1/2)

They are neither cagey nor ambiguous about it, as if they believe it should already be plain to most fans. Yet most readers and viewers aren’t getting it at all. Why do you think this is? (2/2)

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I love how the casting call for “a sad-eyed young girl (ages 9-11) with a neutral southern accent” already has some j*nerys stans screaming:

OMG adsfhshjl!!! J*nerys baby confirmed!

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I don't k ow what will piss me off more. J*nerys baby being named something like Rhaegar, someone Jon won't give two shits about. Or the baby being named Robb or Eddard because Ned fought the Targaryens and Robb died for northern independence and it'd be a massive kick in their faces to have a Targaryen baby named after them :/

There won’t be a baby.