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It Ethan. Behold the true @crankgameplays
He a good ice cream boi.
He totally doesnt have drugs anywhere. Look at that pure face. How could that face be anything but lawful.

Omgosh! I am not sure if this has been said, but I just noticed. After he calls out to her “Felicity?”…when he opens the door he is in the middle of saying” HEY”. *sobs*  

That is his comfort word for her. This time there is no response from her. Look at his face when he realizes why. 

*runs back to corner and sobs*

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How would kid Keith or dad Shiro react if Lance let it slip that he was feeling kinda useless?

Hello there nonny! Aw, this tugged at the heartstrings especially after season 2. Poor, insecure Lance makes anything angsty. But no worries, Dad Shiro and little Keith to the rescue! Sorry this took a bit longer than the others, but I hope you still enjoy it because it was so much fun to write! I love these two buddies and this family! Enjoy and thanks so much for sending in these asks guys, I love them!


Lance didn’t often consider him to be a third wheel. Or a fifth, or even a seventh wheel. But that was only if you were counting Allura and Coran, but he decided that since they were just school teachers, he didn’t need to count them at the moment in their little group.

However, that was before Pidge won the science fair, at only eight-years-old. Before Hunk got an award for best gourmet meal in the third grade. Before Keith got the Golden chair in music class for his Japanese folk song he performed in front of the talent show audience. Lance didn’t need awards or trophies or Golden chairs to know that he was a good boy. Why his mother and father told him that every single day before school.

Though, they told all of his older siblings the same exact thing too.

No, no. Lance did not need all these fancy awards to know that he was validated and needed. At least, he thought he didn’t need any of it, but now…now he wasn’t too sure. Ever since Keith had gotten his Golden chair, Lance had begun to realize that he was the only one in his group who hadn’t really accomplished anything yet.

Pidge was on their way to being some major corporate, big scientist. Hunk was going to open his own restaurant that would be even better than his mom and dad’s, and Keith was already turning out to be an award winning soldier just like his dad. And don’t even get Lance started on Shiro. The man had more medals, awards, diplomas and gold trophies that Lance was sure to be able to count. He would know. He’d snuck into - er, peeked, into an old room in the Shiroganes basement and had seen all of Shiro’s accomplishments in boxes.

Lance was already eight-years-old and what had he accomplished so far?

A stead C in Math, a passion for action movies and the ability to recount the alphabet backwards. Otherwise, he’d done nothing! Nothing! Lance was already eight and if time kept going as fast as it was at this rate, then Lance was sure he was going to be left behind by his successful and big shot “Friends.”

Lance didn’t want to be left behind.

He didn’t want to be useless.

Not right now. He wanted to feel like he was a part of the group and not slowly falling back behind everyone, as if watching them from the back as they advanced on without him. He tried thinking about what he could do in order to become an elite, non-useless member of his friends group, but so far he’d run dry with ideas.

He thought about trying to join a boxing club because he was good at fighting, but then he remembered that Keith mentioned having to want to try boxing. There was no way Lance was going to try to outdo the mullet.

Then he thought about doing the astronomy club, but he remembered that Pidge would join if he did and there was no way that Lance would be smarter than Pidge. Next he thought about joining a dance club but Hunk was already in a Hawaiian dance team and he was awesome at it. So far, Lance’s list had more cross out lines that not, and he’d even tried to just point down redeeming qualities that he had which no one else had.

Is Friendly Hunk is friendly to EVERYONE

Winning smile Apparently Shiro can never take a bad picture

Good at sports So is Keith apparently, and he doesn’t even like sports

Good with animals Okay, so Red bit me once BUT it wasn’t my fault

Not a loser

Lance sighed heavily, clutching the list in his hands before dragging his pencil to strikethrough the last though. If he couldn’t come up with anything that didn’t make him a useless friend then what else was there for him?

“Lance! Are you coming over today?” Lance almost jumped out of his skin when Keith finally walked up to him after class. Hastily, he shoved the crumpled piece of paper in his pocket and looked up to see Keith walking his way. Keith frowned when he noticed Lance trying to quickly shove something in his pocket but decided to keep quiet. His friend had been off for the past few days, and Keith was hoping that it would pass soon and that Lance would be back to his annoying, stupid self.

It was worrisome.

“Uh, oh yeah.” Lance sighed internally. He’d actually forgotten that last week he’d made plans with Keith to stay at his house with Shiro, until his parents got off work. A week ago the eight-year-old couldn’t wait to spend the whole day with his best friend Keith and Keith’s dad, however, he was feeling down on his luck and the array of awards in the Shirogane house did nothing to make Lance feel any better.

“Yeah. You okay?” Keith eyed his friend critically, watching him from head to toe. Lance squirmed under the scrutinized gaze and quickly averted his eyes by ducking his head.

“Yeah! I’m great!” In the next second, Lance shot Keith a bright, wide, fake smile. One that Keith easily could see through, but he decided to drop it. Keith knew not to push anyone into talking, because more often than not he clammed up when he was upset. However, that didn’t stop Keith from wishing that he could somehow help his friend.

“Alright. If you say so.” Keith said quietly before hiking his backpack up onto his back. Lance followed suit, still smiling even when Keith looked away when Shiro pulled up with Red in the car. Lance’s smile only dropped when Shiro exited the car and Red excitedly bounded up to Keith in order to happily lick all over his face. Lance slowly made his way over to Keith, noting how Red didn’t even spare him a second glance.

What do I care? It’s not even my dog anyway. It’s Keith’s so obviously it’s stupid.

“Hi there Lance.” Lance was startled out of his thoughts but Shiro’s gentle voice. Suddenly Shiro was right beside Lance, while Keith continued to pet Red several times in a row. Lance swallowed, quickly forcing himself to smile brightly.

“Hi Shiro dad!” Lance waved, causing Shiro to chuckle.

“Are you excited to get to play with Keith this afternoon?” Shiro asked as he took both Lance and Keith’s backpack to store in the trunk of the car. Lance and Keith waited patiently at the side of the car with Red while Shiro put the bags away.

“Yeah! I’ve been super excited for this, since last week!” Lance said quickly and Shiro frowned for a second when he noticed how tight Lance’s smile seemed to be. As if he was forcing it. Which was highly unusual for the bubbly, energetic boy.

“That’s good to hear. How are you Lance?” Shiro quickly tried to change the topics subtly, when he noticed the tense ridges in Lance’s shoulders as Lance and Keith got into the back of the car. For a second, and only Shiro could see this, Lance’s smile faltered until it was replaced with another fake smile.

“I’m awesome! Thanks for asking, Shiro dad!” Lance said, buckling himself up despite the sick feeling bubbling in his stomach. In the back of the car, Shiro noticed one of their old T-ball medals sticking out of a pocket. The one where Keith was voted MVP.

You couldn’t even get that.

“Are you sure? There’s nothing bothering you?” Shiro tried once more, looking in the rearview mirror. He was saddened to see that Lance continued to smile as if nothing was wrong.

“I’m great! Don’t worry about me!”

However, Lance quickly turned away to look out the window of the car and he missed the look that Dad and son shared with one another. Both knew something was wrong and they were determined to help him.

No matter what.


“Alright, what’s wrong with you?” Keith finally demanded a couple of hours later. He had kicked down Lance’s pitiful attempt at a sandcastle (he wasn’t even trying so Keith didn’t feel all that bad) and towered over Keith with his arms folded over his chest.

“Hey! You jerk, why did you do that?!” Lance shouted. He wasn’t really upset that Keith had knocked over his sandcastle, but with everything that was building up inside him was beginning to wear him out. He was feeling emotionally exhausted right now, more than anything and he just wanted to go home.

“You’re acting stupid. I wanna know why.” Keith didn’t move from his spot with his arms folded over his chest. Lance wasn’t an intimidator to him; he never was and he was more than a little worried about his friend right now. Lance was acting way too sad to be normal and Keith did not like it one bit. He wanted his best friend who was always silly, always smiling and making everyone feel better with his (lame) jokes.

“I’m not stupid! You are!” Lance shot to his feet, kicking sand in Keith’s direction, knowing full well that the other kid hated sand. Keith stood firm despite the attack.

“No, you are! You’re all moping and being stupid and stuff! Knock it off, what’s the matter with you?!” Keith cried out, jumping back this time when Lance tried to kick sand at him again.

“No! I’m not stupid and you need to stop being a jerk! There’s nothing wrong with me!” Lance hissed angrily, voice rising steadily.


“I am not!”

“Are too!”

“Am not!”

“Are too!”



Lance and Keith both jerked back when hands grabbed at the backs of their shirts. With ease, they were both lifted into the air and forced to look back at Shiro, who was staring at them in disappointment. Immediately Lance and Keith slunk back, already knowing full well that one was to not aggravated the already disappointed dad, and their lower lips wobbled. Shiro brought them both inside before setting them each down in their own chair facing Shiro, then he leaned back and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Alright, now, do either of you boys calmly want to tell me what that was all about?” Shiro asked. Both boys remained silent, pointedly refusing to look at each other. One of Shiro’s eyebrows rose. “Aren’t you two best friends? Best friends don’t yell at each other and kick sand at them.”

“Lance started it!” Keith cried out, to which Lance gasped. He opened his mouth to protest but was silence by a look from Shiro.

“Keith, we do not point blame at our friends like that.” Shiro scolded and Keith’s shoulders slumped.

“But it’s true!” Shiro could see Keith’s lower lip wobbling dangerously and his eyes were shinier than usual. He knew he was close to a freak out from Keith, but he couldn’t let Keith just get away with his behavior. It wasn’t fair to Lance.


“Lance has been sad all day and it’s making me sad!” Keith finally exploded as a few tears dripped down his cheeks. Lance was startled into silence, watching his friend sniffling sadly, while Shiro remained calm and firm in not picking sides. Although, Shiro was a bit shocked to see how well Keith had picked up on Lance’s emotions.

“That might be, Keith, but that doesn’t mean you get to kick his sandcastle and call him stupid.” Shiro reprimanded softly. Keith sniffled again, finally defeated by his father’s disappointment and Lance felt his guilt rise tenfold. You even manage to tear apart a family. Keith sniffled a few more times before nodding.

“I’m sorry Lance.” Keith apologized immediately before Shiro bent down to give him a hug and give him a tissue. Keith latched on quickly and Lance saw a small smile on Shiro’s lips.

“There, now that’s not so bad. I’m know you and I are both worried because we know Lance’s is sad. But a friendship doesn’t work if you force someone to talk to you. You have to ask.” Keith nodded sadly in Shiro’s arms and Lance could begin to feel tears making their way down his own cheeks. As Shiro looked over at him in alarm, he began to try to speak to the boy.

“Lance, what’s -”

“It’s because of that!” Lance finally shouted loudly before pointing at the Golden chair award in the living room. Lance dissolved in hiccuping tears and Shiro blinked, torn between looking at Lance and the award. It seemed Keith was just as confused.

“You’re sad because of that award?”

“No!” Lance shouted stubbornly. “Yes. I mean, not the award itself but because you have it!” Shiro thought that he was starting to get a picture of what was wrong with Lance. Gently, he reached out to scoop Lance into his other arm and he sat down on the chair with both boys in his lap. Keith messily tried to wipe Lance’s face.

“Did you wish you won the award?” Keith asked quietly and Lance’s sobs grew louder.

“No!” He cried. “It’s yours and you won it but I didn’t get anything! I never get anything! Because I’m just a loser!” By now, Shiro was figuring out completely on what was bothering Lance and it made his heart ache that Lance was feeling so hurt and sad at his age. “Pidge is smart! Hunk’s kind and a great cook! You’re awesome and get lots of awards just like Shiro and I’m a nobody who will never do anything in my life!” Lance blubbered before burying his face into Shiro’s jacket. Shiro ignored the tears and snot that littered his jacket as he tried to soothe the boy.

“Do you want to have my trophies?” Keith asked hesitantly.

“No! I just wanna be important!”

“But you are important!” Keith argued hotly, glaring at his sniffling friend. Lance blinked through blurred vision and tried to glare at Keith but failed miserably and Shiro shushed him. “You’re very important to me, and to Hunk especially and Pidge. And Ms. Allura loves you and Coran and you’re important to daddy too, right daddy?” Shiro blinked before nodding quickly.

“Of course. Lance, you’re a very important boy in our lives, all of our lives.” Shiro said softly, wiping away the tears that racked down his cheeks.

“You’re really nice and always making sure that everyone feels good or asking them if there’s anything you can do to make them feel better. You make the most ridiculous faces that always make us laugh and tell the stupidest jokes, even if they are kinda funny.” Lance felt a small flutter in his chest when Keith spoke, looking directly at him. He hiccuped a few times but remained quiet.

“You always make sure nobody picks on Pidge, Hunk or Keith and you always have a smile on your face.” Shiro added softly, much to Lance’s surprise. “You always help me put away the bags when you come over and you say thank you at dinner and snacks. You’re one of the most polite boys ever and you were our best short-stop on T-ball.”

“Yeah and your drawings are usually pretty good and you are awesome at Gymnastics - which none of us can do by the way.” Keith continued excitedly. “Just the other day you did this amazing flip on the bars that I wish I could do.”

“It was pretty cool wasn’t it.” Lance smiled hesitantly and Shiro and Keith laughed.

“Yeah buddy it was. You’re a pretty amazing kid and I hope you know that.” Shiro smiled gently and Lance’s heart fluttered. He shyly looked away only for Keith to grab his hand. “I know it hurts when everyone else around you gets awards, or trophies or medals and seems like they’re succeeding when you’re not, but there’s much more to success than gold Lance, and many people fail to have that their whole lives.”

“Really?” Lance’s eyes widened dramatically causing Shiro to chuckle.

“Really. You have more love and greatness in you than men I’ve known for decades. You are going to succeed far in life Lance, you just have to be patient.”

“Yeah.” Keith cut in before the conversation got too mushy. “Besides, sad Lance is annoying. I much prefer happy Lance because he’s pretty cool.” Keith blushed at the little speech and Lance blinked, feeling touched at his friend’s words. He hadn’t expected Keith, nor Shiro to say what they had but he was happier than ever that they had. They made him feel warmer than he had in a while and gave him new hope that he would succeed.

“Thanks guys.” Lance blushed and couldn’t help but beam at their words.

Later that week after Lance had earned first place in his gymnastic tournament, with Keith, Shiro, Hunk, Pidge and his entire family in the stands, Lance noticed a note folded up in his bag. Opening the note, he couldn’t stop the blinding smile that stretched over his lips, lucky to call these people his home.

Is Friendly Hunk is friendly to EVERYONE (IT’S IN HIS NATURE TO BE KIND)

Winning smile Apparently Shiro can never take a bad picture (THIS IS TRUE)

Good at sports So is Keith apparently, and he doesn’t even like sports

Good with animals Okay, so Red bit me once BUT it wasn’t my fault









Imagine being a baby to Merle's eyes and him just loving you for that

(So I had some requests for some Merle fluff :3 and here is what I came up with XD Honestly it’s more bittersweet than anything but I just got so inspired by a song it had to be like this :3 Ps. honestly poor bby :( Hope it is as requested and you all like it! Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

There was no denying he found you cute. From the day you walked into his life, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you but quickly his fascination wasn’t always as sexually driven as he could imagine it to be.

You seemed so soft, fragile and young to him that he there was no denying that the word “baby” fit you the most.

And now here you were all cozied up in his bed, exhausted from your hard day of walking out there alone and separated from the others for so long. He smiled looking down at you and pulling his hand away from your hair, he walked out quietly to join the Governor for a late talk.

By the door he had two guards to keep you safe and simply told them with a smirk.

“Alright boys…She’s a baby so please just let her sleep well…She needs it…”

They chuckled along with him and as he made his way towards The Governor, he couldn’t stop smiling thinking about how glad he was to have finally found you after all these months.

Since the rooftop, the old group and you had been nothing but in the past to him. However, here he finally found you in a confused and dazed state and rescued you in time. He couldn’t wait for you to recover and catch up on what he missed.

As he walked, he reflected on how you had both met and it made him smile even more.


It was a heated afternoon, everyone had set camp to take a break for the evening and prepare the night when suddenly someone had approached the camp.

Without hesitation, everyone had their guns up. Having been closer to the noise, Merle raised his voice over to you.

“Show yourself! I ain’t got time to play games with you…”

Out of fear, you slowly poked your head up from the bushes and made sure to let them know you weren’t going to harm them.

Your eyes met with his blue gaze and instantly he softened. There was nothing to worry about. To him, you couldn’t possibly do any damage looking like that, so young and rosy cheeked.

Already, he felt a sense of need to protect you and reassure you that it would be alright, inciting you to come closer to the camp.

“You alone?”

You nodded and he continued, “Alright, cutie…Come closer…”

You blushed at those words and looked around to check who did he meant by that, only to be even more stunned when he seemed to chuckle and point out he meant you. You did just as he asked and instantly he lowered his gun and set it away.

Signalling the others to follow his lead, he then walked closer and slowly extended his hand out to greet you.

“Name’s Merle and you?”


“Hah! Baby seems more fitting wouldn’t you think?”

You chuckled hearing how friendly and flirty he was and simply shrugged at his words.

“Maybe…Well…I-I was wondering, Merle…If by any chance I could-”

“Tag along with us?”

Just like that he completed your sentence and with a big smirk, he welcomed you to the group and gave you another family. You let out a slight smile and like that you joined Merle and the others along the road.


Since your arrival, Merle had seem to have a change in his attitude and ways. He was oddly less and less intoxicated most of the time, even Daryl, his younger brother had notice and had let it slip to you in numerous occasions, making you laugh in disbelief.

You were surprised to hear he even had such problems but were glad it was the case at the moment. Days and days with you were more worth the while when sober he thought and had managed to control his impulses in a variety of ways.

From keeping his focus on you whenever you were near him or simply helping you out with anything, as long as it involved you it was easy for him to forget about the stash of drug he had in his bags.

With you being so clueless and quirky, he couldn’t help himself from enjoying each instant he was with you. From your antics whenever you’d hunt and track along with him and his brother to the funny dance you had come along with when doing the laundry, it all made his heart soft.

If he could he would’ve kept you in a bubble from all the harm and ugliness of the world but the reality was that he could only make you smile in return.

Whether it was from cussing to his sarcastic remarks, he did them to make you laugh and forget about how the world had turned to shit. It brought him happiness to hear you laugh and see you so happy that truly it became his goal.

His cockiness had then stopped serving his ego but rather as a tool to over exaggerate things and get your attention and have a laugh at him.

You were grateful to have met him, to have him in your life and for a long while you had your share of fun and comfort. Easy to say, you were probably the only person in the group to get along so well with him.


It was all worth it as whenever you needed him, he was right there.

You were in one of those moods one evening. The kind where only your family and friends could comfort you. However they were gone, all of them. You had witness everything and barely managed to survive such event.

But there you sat by the fire alone. As everyone was asleep, you were crying to yourself after a rather rough day and all of it had reminded you of that dreadful day.

Seeing all the guts and blood, you had thought you might’ve been used to it by now but that morning hadn’t seem to be the case.

It was hard pretending to be strong all the time and now that everyone was soundly asleep in their tents, you quietly let it all out.

As you sat there, Merle had notice from his tent how the fire was still burning. Peering out, he saw you on your own and had wondered as to what was going on.

You had seem so strong and fierce against the hoard of walkers earlier, that it was odd to not see you tired and asleep in your tent. Feeling like there was something wrong, he quietly walked out and went to join you.

Slowly, he could swear hearing you sniffle. He thought you might’ve been cold or something and made his way faster. However, the closer he got, the more he realized it wasn’t because of the fresh air but rather you were in tears.

He felt his heart sink, you were crying, his baby was in need of comfort but you took the choice to sit there on your own. He hated that and had to change it. He couldn’t stop himself from getting closer and closer to you, until he sat down right next to you.

You were so enthralled into your sorrow, you hadn’t notice him, until you heard a mutter of your name.


You then felt a hand to your back and another one grazing your forearm, as you were curled up in ball. Embarrassed, you pushed him away and quickly wiped your tears away.

By then you realized it was Merle and knowing how worried he could be you tried to reassure him. Looking away and rubbing your eyes, you cleared your throat and told him, “I’m fine…You should go back to sleep it’s getting late…”

He scoffed in disbelief and his worried tone betrayed the fact he was trying to be stern with you.

“What about you sweetheart?”

“I’m fine…”

It hurt him, your words of rejection made him feel useless and that he couldn’t stand it. He shook his head and grabbed your arm to catch your attention back to him.

You tried to pull away, begging him to stop.

“Merle, stop it…i’m fine just go back to sleep-”

At that, he managed to pull you back closer and ended up with his arm wrapped around you to keep you from moving. Tightening his grip, he growled, “You stop it…I’m trying to help you here…Y/N what’s wrong? Tell me…”

Soon enough, you gave up your little fight and let your tears drop. You felt his warm and firm chest pressed against you, and it all made you curl and relax in his hold.

It didn’t seem to stop and that just made his need to hold you even stronger. He put a hand to your hair, stroking it to relieve you as he held you to him. He let you understand it was alright to felt that way and simply stayed quiet, allowing you to cry for a good while.


His hold made you melt and calmed you down enough. As he felt you softening in his arms, he felt it was appropriate to ask you again what was going on.

“So…you care to tell me what’s going on…”

Rubbing your eyes, wiping your tears away, you pulled back from him and took a few deep breath. Sitting up, you looked into the fire and told him, “I-I was just having a hard time…Today was a hard day…”

He shrugged and tucked your hair away to get a better look at your saddened features, only to let you continue.

“Killing all those walkers back there…The blood and everything…Just reminded me of my family…I saw everything…and didn’t do anything back then…and thinking about all of it…I-I just couldn’t stop myself from crying…”

He finally understood it. You were putting up a front the whole day and had finally broke down from you false hard exterior. Just as he thought, you were a soft baby that needed to be taken care of.

He reached to stroke your hair again and in a hush tone, he gave you reassurance.

“Ain’t no one ever said it was easy…Y/N…It’s okay to feel that way you know…I know that coming from me sounds weird but…Some days are shit…and some days aren’t but…It don’t mean you have to hide your feelings about it…Be upset if you want…but just remember that you aren’t alone here…Let me or someone else know…”

At those words, you both felt silent and reflected on your feelings and journey so far. It truly relieved you to know he cared so much and managed to muster up some words to comfort you and slowly you started to smile.

He just needed to pour his heart out and let you know that he’d stay by your side no matter how you need him. He wanted to be right there, the first one to notice and care for you and that’s what he said.

You felt him putting his hand over yours and it made you smile. You ended up scooting closer and he reached over to wipe away your leftover tears. He nodded at you and you took a deep breath before thanking him.

“Thank you Merle…Thank you for making me feel less lonely…and making me feel at home once again…For once you’re so kind tonight…”

He let out a chuckle and flash his cocky smirk as usual, making your laughter come out and even more as he added,“What are you talking about? I’m always a nice and kind man!”

His hand over yours slowly ended up grabbing you. You felt him pulling it towards him and rubbing it with his other hand, he then whispered, reassuring you once again.

“Sweetheart, I just want you to remember that I was serious about earlier…whenever things get hard…Just come to me…I’ll solve all your problems…”

He meant all those words and as he held your hands, you felt so protected and at ease, you smiled wholeheartedly at him and couldn’t help but tear up happily.

You nodded and took his promise to heart, making you pull him into a tight embrace. Feeling your arms wrap around him so suddenly, made his heart pound.

He was speechless from this simple act of affection from you. Butterfly roamed his stomach by the time he felt your cheek pressed against his neck and slowly it was harder for him breathe.

You felt his arms slowly wrapping around you and you sighed in relief, thanking him for all of it.

You don’t know how long it had been since your last hug but it was a long one and you were grateful for it. So was he but slowly he knew it had to come to stop before it went too far and made him do the wrong move to you.

He subtly pulled away and chuckling, said,“Here…got you a snack…it’s all yours…”

He reached inside his pocket and brought out a bag of salted cookies, showing it off like it was a prize he won.

You chuckled at him, finding it unbelievable he was that caring. You gladly grabbed the bag and quickly opened it to start eating, slowly accepting that it was alright to feel the way you did.

He smiled and felt his heart at ease, seeing you chow down so eagerly on the light late night snack and in a cheerful tone asked you,“How do you feel? Happy?”


“Don’t speak with your mouth full! You idiot…Just nod, if you’re happy…”

You laughed and did just as he asked, making him laugh as well. Swallowing your mouthful, you let out the words for him, you had in your heart for a while.

“I like you Merle…”

He smirked hearing you and looking you back in the eyes, he gave you his honest answer, only to end up approaching closer to you to emphasize his point.

“I like you too…You little baby…”

You both smiled to each other and your moment was then cut off when Daryl came looking for his older brother. Luckily, you managed to convince him to stay for a while and the three of you sat there laughing and quietly trying to pass the time until you truly felt sleepy.

It had been a sweet moment that night and for sure he’d remember it for the rest of his life. Such a shame it never happened again, he thought the day he had been handcuffed to the roof.

He regretted not pouring his heart out completely to you and had to leave you all alone so suddenly but here you were by his side again, and finally he could be at peace for the meantime.


As Philip welcomed him in, they both sat down by the couch. Offering him a beer, he gladly accept it and that’s when the other man, asked him, “So this Y/N…You really know her?”

He nodded and smiled looking away. “Of course I know her…”

“It was a sarcastic remark Merle…Just from the way you rushed to her…and the way you look at her I knew that you know her…”

He couldn’t deny the scene he made and simply nodded along.

“So tell me…How?”

At that, he told him exactly everything that came to his mind from the day he had met you. With a constant smile, a slight laugh here and there and a rather sweeter tone, he talked about you for a long while.


Finally, Merle let out the words, “I like you Merle…” and remembered each instant you said it, he let out a chuckle and continued “Those words she said them often…A constant reminder of how she felt for me…It made me happy…”

The Governor had took notice of how Merle had seem to lit up at the thought of those words and oddly, he was glad and chuckled.

“Of course it did…Look at you…”

Merle felt bashful at that point and simply wanted to let him know of how special you were and such, as he continued on.

“Trust me Governor…Once you get to know her…You’ll realize how much of a baby she is…I’m telling you you can’t just leave her alone for the day…You need to be there for her…Take care of her…”

Philip laughed at that remark and shook his head, only for Merle to be rather solemn as he added, “I don’t think I’ll ever leave her alone…She’s a baby…She needs me…”

As he listened to him, he chuckled along and Merle sighed.

“And now things are getting hard for her…And I have to figure things out to help her…If only you could help me somehow, I promised her to get back with the others, earlier when I found her…”

Taking a sip of his beer, he then let out another sigh, more exasperated than the other one and nervously chuckled at the man, sounding as if he was in disbelief.

“Really, at this point i’m just so jealous of my brother…”

Philip frowned at those words and taking a sip of his beer, Merle shrugged and let out nonchalantly, “Her boyfriend…That lucky bastard…”

At those words, Philip eyes widened in shock, not knowing what to say or think, having thought that he had been spilling his feelings this whole time for a woman that was his.

Go To Sleep Daddy

Little: *Having a breakdown at 3am after not being able to sleep*
Daddy: It’s okay princess
Little: I don’t know why I’m so distressed.. Ugh..
Daddy: It’ll be okay
*An hour goes by*
Little: *Still having a breakdown*… I wish you were here, daddy
Daddy: I know, baby, I know
Little: Mer.. You needa go to bed for work..
Daddy: I’ll be fine, I don’t mind losing sleep for my baby, she needs to be comforted right now ❤❤

I wrote a Bughead fic based off of Lorde’s new song, Liability. Specifically the lyrics:
They say, “You’re a little much for me
You’re a liability
You’re a little much for me”
So they pull back, make other plans
I understand, I’m a liability

It’s a little bit angsty, but also fluffy af. Hope you enjoy!


Jughead was in a better place than he had been in a while. He was stopping by his fathers trailer to grab the jacket he’d left the night before. It was late, and when he walked in, his dad was passed out on the couch, boots on, beer bottle in hand. His shoulders deflated. He knew his fathers pity speech would be too good to be true. The saddest part was that Jughead actually believed him this time.

He took the bottle from his hands and pried off his boots. After all, FP Jones is still his dad.

His jacket wasn’t on the arm of the couch where he left it, so he checked the closet. When he opened it, the pristine blue and gold of a Riverdale High varsity jacket stuck out like a sore thumb. It was carefully hung among the other jackets, all in various states of decrepitness. His stomach dropped when he read the name on the sleeve.

Jason Blossom.

He staggered back, the overwhelming feeling of nausea swept over him. He was panting now, still staring at the incriminating jacket hanging innocently in the closet. In his fathers closet. His mind raced as he tried to make sense of things. Tears welled up in his eyes as panic threatened to take over. He had to get out before the screaming evidence that his father was deeply involved in the murder suffocated him.


He didn’t know how far he ran. Or how long he was running for. All he could feel was numbness, and the prickly burning in his lungs.

Jughead stopped running. He sat on the unfamiliar curb of an unfamiliar street. His panic had subsided, and what was left was intense anger. He was angry at his dad, and he was angry at himself.

Over the past few weeks he had been trying to repress the deep rooted feelings of anger and loneliness he carried with him throughout his whole life. It was working for the most part, he was happy with Betty, Archie had offered him a place to stay. But when you neglect to acknowledge a part of yourself, it eats away at you.

Jughead got up from the curb, and started walking in the direction he thought was towards Pops.

As he walked, he thought. He thought about everything and everyone. He began overthinking every part of his life, of himself. When he finally looked up, he saw that he had somehow made it to Pops. He also saw Betty and Veronica, 10 feet in front of him, walk side by side out of the diner.

The thought of anyone seeing him in this state sent panic rushing back. He used every bit of strength to keep himself from audibly hyperventilating. He was obviously unsuccessful, because Betty turned her head in his direction.

“Shit.” He thought. “Shit she can’t see me like this.”

“Juggie!” she said, smiling and waving in her usual cheery disposition.

She began to walk over to him, but Jughead panicked, and began walking away. He didn’t want to have to explain his puffy eyes, soaking wet hair and clothes, and impending panic attack, which was threatening to take over at this point.

“Juggie?” she called after him, “Jughead wait!”

She began running, attempting to close the gap between her and her boyfriend.

She caught up to him, and placed a delicate hand on his shoulder.

“Jugs are you okay?”

When Jughead turned to face her, she gasped. He was wet, and he’d been crying. The look of pure terror in his eyes made her heart ache. He was shaking and breathing hard. Something really bad had to have happened for him to be this distraught.

Jughead tried to say something, but nothing would come out. His mouth felt dry and he was shaking uncontrollably. He hadn’t had a panic attack since his mom left. He hated that Betty was seeing him like this, but mostly he felt bad for her. She didn’t deserve this. She didn’t deserve to have to look after her messed up boyfriend and his alcoholic dad. A silent tear rolled down his cheek.

“Oh Juggie.” Betty cooed softly, taking his hand and gently leading them to the ground.

Betty knew when someone was having a panic attack. She has them regularly, and knows exactly what to do when someone is having an attack.

“Juggie, lay your head on my chest. Count my breaths and listen to my heart.”

Jughead did exactly was he was told. He felt like a baby, needing to be comforted like this. Nevertheless he was grateful.

A couple minutes passed before Jughead’s breathing returned to normal.

“I’m sorry Betty.”

“Juggie, don’t be sorry. There’s nothing to apologize for.”

“I’m a burden. On you and on everyone. My dad doesn’t want me, my mom doesn’t want me, Archie has moved on and is making new plans with new people. I’m too much for everyone. It’s okay if you can’t be with me, I know I’m a liability.”

Betty gazed into Jughead’s sad, scared eyes.

“You are not a liability, Jughead. You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

She cradled his head and whispered in his ear,

“And no matter what, I will never stop loving you.”

"MOVIE NIGHT" Nct Dream Imagine

Nct Dream x reader

Group; nct, NCT dream of course

Genre; fluff, tiny bit of angst if you squint

Words; 1418


Notes; thanks for request my dude. Hope you enjoy! I changed it so it was all of NCT dream, and not just Haechan. Also, I didn’t use an actual movie, I just made one up.


Summary; watching a movie with the dreamies? What could go wrong! Except for the fact they chose a horror movie, unbeknownst to you.


At first, the night started out calm. The sun was a half circle now, setting below the horizon, and the breeze swept a nice autumn scent around your figure. As the fading sun continued to set, you huddled your jacket closer to your body, as you took noticed to the excited shouts coming from inside the house, and knocked on the brown front-door. It was your weekly movie night with the boys, and you were excited like always.

“SHE’S HERE!!!” You could hear the padding of running feet, pretty sure the sound of Renjun pushing Jisung into the wall. Then finally, the lock clicked, and the door flung open and a grin broke out onto your face as multiple people hurdled towards you to throw their arms around you. You laughed as you walked in after being let go, and greeted the excited boys one by one. Settling yourself on the couch, you turned to Haechan who was siting next to you, and asked the question on your mind.

“So what are we watching?” You asked.

“You’ll see.” He looked at you from the corner of his eye, grinning as he licked his lips, suddenly seeming mischievous, but you brushed it off as him just trying to get you riled up.

You continued to chat with Donghyuck, as you could hear the other dreamies bickering from the kitchen, trying to make popcorn as Renjun fought with them, complaining about their behaviors. Mark was trying to take control over making the popcorn but Jisung kept taking the bag from his hands, Chenle was trying to find the butter, Jeno was searching through the freezer for ice cream, and Haechan moved to sitting on the floor trying to find the movie. You tried to peer over his shoulder, but you couldn’t see the DVD.

Finally, the other boys strutted out from the kitchen with bowls full of popcorn and ice cream. Of course, Jeno was hogging the ice cream, and the two youngest were keeping the popcorn to themselves, but nonetheless, Haechan started the movie, turned off the lights, and plopped back down beside you, unto the gray couch.

“So what is this movie about?” You asked

“Shhhh. You’ll see.” Renjun replied.

“So I don’t get to know what movie I’m watching?” You faced him.

“Shut up!” Jisung said, reaching over and slapping your arm as you giggled, slapping him back and quieting down.

The beginning movie sent a gleam around the room as the eerie music reached your ears. The screen was black until a girl suddenly popped into view and you jumped slightly, punching Haechan softly as he began to laugh at your freight. You groaned as the opening screen only got creepier. All you could see was red on the TV, and your body only grew more tense and more tense.

“Ummm, guys what movie is this?” You asked shakily and unsure, arching your back as the girl on the TV continued to scream. The boys around you only chuckled and gave you mocking looks, tauntingly asking if you were scared as they ignored your request for the movie title.

“Guys, seriously.” And yet again, your statement went unacknowledged, and instead they told you to be quiet again. Not wanting to be embarrassed anymore, you sunk further into the couch, and weakly watched the tv, your expression contorted in uncomfortableness and you scowled, grabbing a pillow to hide your face in.

It got to the point where you were lamely holding onto both Jeno and Haechan sleeves tightly, as they only snickered. You could see the movie was also getting to the younger dreamies, but they were still handling this situation better than you. You continued to bicker about the movie and ask questions, but it only made the boys more annoyed.

It was toward the middle of the movie when you really had a problem. The movie had already proved to be a gory one, and the screen that was playing out before your eyes was probably the worst one. Your stomach churned, your eyes began to burn, your chest tightened, and your mouth parted in a small gasp full of fear. The blood on the TV screen was everywhere and overwhelming. The scene was extremely gory and you felt sick, the kinda sick where something catches you off guard in an upsetting way, leaving you distraught as you try to get away.

You lunged your face into your pillow as you screamed, “Turn it off! Turn the TV off now!” You covered your head with your arms, hearing as the movie was paused and the boys voices raised. The sound of the boys getting up and walking to you could be heard as you continued to wheeze into the pillow, embarrassed by how pathetic you felt.

Jeno and Haechan scooted closer to you as Haechan placed his hand onto the small of your back and rubbed gently. Jeno grabbed your hands, and multiple people sat on the floor next to you, placing their hands onto your knees. Someone came behind you and placed their hands onto your shoulders, playing with your hair. All of them were asking if you were okay.

“If I was okay, would I have my face buried in a pillow?” Your quiet and soft voice came out, muffled by the pillow, and Jisung tried to pull it away. The other boys cooed at you, as Haechan and Jeno cuddled into you, calling you a baby.

You threw your pillow across the room at the name calling, stood up; stepping over the confused boys asking you questions as you padded to the bathroom, immediately turning on the tap as you sighed and washed your face.

Haechan suddenly bolted into the room and tackled you in a hug, almost knocking you over in the process. Jisung was next to come into the room and throw his arms around Haechan’s shoulders, and your neck. Then Mark come in, grinning wildly as he back hugged you. Renjun came and hugged your other side and Jeno hugged you over him. Jaemin was basically hanging over everyone to get to you and Chenle was hugging you from your front. You were basically suffocating in affection.

“Guys. My face is still wet.”

“Shut up, you’re a baby and you need comforting.”

You groaned, rolling your eyes as you complained. You couldn’t even move your arms they were squeezing you too hard. You were still kinda embarrassed by the fact you got freaked out by a movie, but nonetheless, you appreciated the lovely attention.

“I’m sorry! I should have told you the movie, and asked if you were okay with it! I’m so sorry!!”

“You’re so cute sometimes. I can’t believe you got so scared.”

“Y/N you scared ME for a second! I thought you were having a heart attack!”

“You’re a baby Y/N. Just accept it.”

“We will get you ice cream, and coffee, and tea, and pizza, and candy, and ramen and anything you like! We’re sorry!”

“The scene really wasn’t that bad….”

“We should have stuck to our Disney marathon.”

After all the drama that happen, they eventually let you go and started to treat you as if you’d break, waiting on you hand and foot and if you were honest, it was getting a little annoyed. They wouldn’t leave you alone. The movie was now turned off, and you all settled for just some quality time.

Your scare was their fault in the first place, but they were slowly but surely making it up to you. That night you all agreed; no more horror movies.

You smiled, laying in the comfort of the warmth of your best friends, eating ice cream and slipping drinks, absolutely loving your life. Your conversations lasted until 1:00 AM, and as everyone nearly fell asleep on the floor, you kissed their foreheads as goodbyes, telling them to go to their beds. Seeing as they sluggishly made their way up the stairs, you walked out the door, saying goodbye one more time as they mumbled at you, and you safety walked home. Shortly after you called a taxi, seeing as your legs fell asleep before you, and got home faster. You fell asleep with a smile on your face, thinking of your amazing friends, who also scared you senseless, but you loved them anyways.

i cant fit volunteering at the dignity-affirming soup kitchen this term bc the way my class schedule and art gallery shifts are :((( but i’ve decided to put aside a few hours a week to knit so hopefully I can finish some baby hats for the pro-life crisis pregnancy center downtown instead

Preference "Having a fight with them and they say something hurtful"

(Sorry for posting so late I was busy…But here it is :D I guess…yay for our faves having no chills, being savage and dragging us? BRUTAL… I don’t know why we would ever want to fight our fav but I hope it is as requested XD Don’t worry I promise tomorrow’s preference and imagine will be fluffier PS. i really tried my best for the hurtful comments…Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credits to the original owners)

Negan- Seeing you spend so much time with some of his other men, he’d genuinely think you were cheating on him. You’d deny and tell him how much you loved him but he just didn’t believe you in that moment and started yelling “Are you done bullshiting me you fucking cunt?! Good! Don’t follow me! Because I swear me and Lucille will get you without a second thought!”

Daryl- He noticed you spending quite some time with Rick and had come to the conclusion, you were having an affair with him. He started to act cold but as you questioned him, he suddenly he wouldn’t be able to hold anything back “Shut up! Stop talking to me and pretend to care all of a sudden! Leave me alone and just go to Rick like you usually do!”

Rick- You noticed him keeping his eyes over Jessie and him going out of his way to take care of her. Angry you started to question him one evening and it led to a long and heated argument, only to end up with him saying "Just leave me, if you’re not happy! I don’t need you anyways! Because you’re right, as of now I do love her more than I ever did you!”

Merle- After Andrea arrived to Woodbury, you noticed him spending more time with her and even witnessed him blatantly asking her to hook up with him. You both started arguing about it and it ended with you walking away and  him saying “That’s right! Leave! like you always do! I don’t even fucking need you! There’s plenty of pussy waiting for me!”

Glenn- Since you arrived at the farm, you noticed him and Maggie getting closer. You started to have suspicions about them together and Soon it turned out to be true. You confronted him about it and it led to an argument with him saying “You know what you’re right! I am cheating on you! I got sick and tired of you! And now I finally found happiness!”

Carl- When you arrived in Alexandria, you both got friendly with the others there. Soon you noticed Carl and Enid spending a lot of time together. You decided to question him one evening and it ticked him off "I’m not in the mood for this right now! Y/N, if you doubt me than keep doubting! Because honestly, I could care less of what you think of me and Enid!”

The Governor- You were on a run together and he noticed you and Caesar being somewhat close. As you got back to your room, he followed you and started to confront you. You denied having anything with Caesar but he just didn’t believe you and said "Liar…I saw the way you looked at him! I should’ve known you were a whore! If you want him so badly, then go to him!”

Abraham- You had just come back from a run and suddenly Abraham came to you and admitted to you that he was starting to fall for Sasha. You couldn’t believe it and felt betrayed. You started to argue and he ended up saying "You want the real reason why i’m leaving you?! Fine! It’s because I had enough of you and your bitch ass attitude! Let me tell you this…You’re far from being the only woman left in this world!”

Eugene- You had come up with a plan to get some supplies but had gotten yourself and everyone involved in quite some trouble.Eugene pulled you to the side and started to point out the mistakes you had made. You ended up arguing and he told you "Y/N, you really want to know why it was a stupid idea?! It’s because you were the one who came up with it and not once did you ever thought of consulting me first or anyone else!”

Jesus- Since you’ve met Rick, he noticed you and him getting closer and started have doubts about your feelings for him. As you got back home, he started to question you and soon started accused you. You denied it and he suddenly said “Just be honest Y/N! I had enough of your lies! If you like him fine! Go and stay with him! It’s not like I even need you!”

Ron- He noticed you and Carl having common interest and getting closer to one another. It made him angry and he started to argue with you about it. You told him you didn’t like Carl that way but he just didn’t believe you and said "I don’t believe any word that is coming out of your mouth right now…If you’re gonna keep lying then leave me alone and don’t ever come back…”

Dwight- You were helping him get Daryl and the others with him to the round up. However, Dwight noticed you patching up Daryl’s wound and just couldn’t take it. He grabbed you away and started to yell at you "Why the hell are you caring for him?! Is it because you like him?! Because if you do then get prepared and just go die with him!”

Morgan- Since you had gotten together you had promise him to not take anyone’s life anymore. However, during a run he had witnessed you killing someone and you both started to argue and he ended up saying "Y/N if you intend to keep breaking promises like this…then leave…Nobody needs someone as untrustworthy as you…especially not me…”

Michonne- Seeing the way you were with The Governor, made her doubt your feelings for her. She then confronted you and you both had gotten in argument. You denied having feelings for him but she just didn’t believe you and said "If you like him then at least have the guts to say it…Lying to my face only makes you look worse…From now on leave me alone…I don’t ever want to see you again…”

Maggie- Since Rick’s group arrived at the farm, you noticed Maggie getting along with Glenn quite fast. Suspicious you kept your eyes on them and one day caught her in the act. You confronted her and it led to her telling you “Stop bothering me! Because you’re right! Me and him are together! I don’t need you anymore, if you want to leave then you’re more than welcomed to!”

Andrea- As you arrived at Woodbury, you noticed her getting close to The Governor. You then caught her kissing Philip and it broke your heart. You started to question her but she’d lie and it soon turned into an argument. She then ended up saying “I don’t care what you saw or what you think of me…it’s none of your business anymore…If you didn’t get that, it means leave me alone!”

Jessie- You noticed her starting to get closer to Rick, since his arrival and had decided to confront her about it. You both ended up arguing and finally she said “As of right now, I do love him…Your attitude right now just makes it easier for me to say goodbye to you! In fact, I believe we’re done…” 

Beth- She noticed how happy you’d be around her sister and had started to doubt you. She then questioned you about it and you both ended up arguing and she finally said “If you like her more than me just say it! I can handle it! I’m not some baby who needs you for comfort! In fact, I don’t care about your answer…I never needed you…”

Sasha- You noticed her distancing herself for a while and had decided to follow her. You then questioned her but she never answered until she couldn’t take it and said “Stop following me! Can’t you tell i’m tired of you…just go bother someone else…I don’t need you…I never did…”

Rosita- She had witnessed you almost got yourself killed and started to question you as to why you were suddenly weak. You’d deny and explain to her what had happened but she just didn’t believe you “Y/N, If you can’t handle it then either go home and do something you’re good at or just leave and don’t ever come back…”