baby needs a new pair of shoes

Science Fair
  • *221B*
  • Sherlock: *enters, holding his daughter; excited* Guess who won first prize in a science fair?
  • Baby Holmes: *chewing a winner's ribbon*
  • Molly: *reading; looks up, smiles* Hi.
  • Sherlock: *kisses her cheek* Hi *gestures at the ribbon* First prize. My clever little girl *kisses his daughter's cheek*
  • Molly: *raises an eyebrow* You managed to find a science fair...for babies?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* Babies, children. She entered, she won.
  • Molly: *folds her arms* She's four months old.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *digs in his pockets* And a five hundred pound voucher! *removes the money; waving it slowly*
  • Molly: *trying not to smile*
  • Sherlock: *innocent* Love you.
  • Molly: *sighs* God help me, I love you too.
  • Sherlock: *smug*

drabble / fluffy & blushy;;

Jackson | 1081 words
anon requested: Jackson + “Would it be too cliche if we matched clothes a little?”

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Talk baby talk| C.H

Talk baby talk| C.H

Word count:2k+

Request: No

Imagine summary: A late night session with a FWB turns into more than expected

“So are you coming over or not?”
“Calum for the last time it’s fucking two in the morning.”
“Okay? Since when were you not down for a late night quickie?”
“That’s only when I’m already woke Calum. I was asleep just a few minutes ago.”
Calum sighed against his end of the receiver and took a puff of his half finished blunt.
“Fine.. I guess I’ll just call Claire and see if she’s up for a little skype session.”
“Claire?” She inquired.
“Claire.” He confirmed with a smirk.
“Who’s Claire?”
He began chuckling lightly without answering her question and that irritated her slightly. Hearing how smooth her mane came off his tongue.
“That’s not funny.” “But it is though, princess.” He replied.
She started to ask him who she was again but remembered that they were no longer in an actual relationship, so who he chose to date wasn’t any of her business.

“She’s a girl I met at the store.”
“The record store?”
“That’s where I work isn’t?”
“You never said that you- ugh you know what never mind.”
There was a small pause in their conversation before he spoke up again.
“So….. You coming?”
“I thought you were calling Claire?”
“Oh come on baby girl you know I was just pulling your strings. Claire’s not who I want right now.” He said, though for some reason y/n didn’t hear the sensuality she was used it  hearing when talking to him; it seemed as though he wanted her nothing but her company alone.
Y/N looked down at herself and it dawned on her that she wasn’t exactly dressed to see him. She normally liked to wear things that were different than what he had ever seen on her like new sets of lingerie.
“I’m not really dressed…”
“Y/N. I don’t give a fuck if you’re wearing nothing but perfume. If you remember anything from our relationship then you should’ve remembered that.”
“Fine.” Y/N pressed the ‘end call’ button on her phone and got off the bed, her bare feet hitting the cold tile of her wood floor. She looked down at her baby blue sweat pants and white pajama jacket and figured it made no sense to try and find a pair of matching shoes, because it wasn’t like she really needed them.
After that, she went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and fix her hair which she just ended up putting in a high pony tail.
Small vibrations were coming from her pocket so she took out her phone and it was a text from Calum.

“What’s taking so long? You do know I just live upstairs right?”

Y/N shook her head lightly and ignored his message as she was already heading out of the door now.

“You’re moving super slow right now Y/N”

She had her hand on the doorknob when she felt her phone again but she knew it wasn’t anyone but him so she just opened the door and stepped out into the lobby of the apartment building.

“I’m going to be fifty years old when you decided to make it up here.”

At this point y/n was just ignoring him. She was already getting into the elevator and it was also pretty funny to mess with him.




“Fuck face”


Calum’s apartment was originally supposed to be on the same level as her as they had planned it that way when they found out they were attending the same college, but things got complicated with rooming and they settled for this.

“Hunny bun”

“Sugar plum”

Y/N walked up to the door and as soon and she went to knock, she remembered that Calum never actually locked his door because she had seen him naked on several occasions, but that’s a different story.
Since she had that in her mind, she just went ahead and turned the knob, but as soon as she  opened it she was instantly pulled into the his apartment by the wrist and pushed up against the door. She started to question Calum’s antics but realized that it was Calum who was standing in front of her and pinning her wrists to the wall.
“Glad you finally decided to come.” He said with a cocked head.
“What took so long?”
Y/N smirked a little.  "Traffic was bad, you know since I’ve never come here before.“ She said teasingly.
“Clever play on words.” He started. His left hand was now traveling down to grip her hip while his other kept her other wrist company.
“But I doubt you’d be able to keep running that smart mouth of yours if you can’t breathe.”
Y/N raised an eyebrow and started to question his harsh sounding motives but, before she could Calum had lifted her and thrown her over his shoulder.
“Calum put me down!” She exclaimed. As if he was actually listening to her, he threw down onto the couch and had begun to attack her rib cage with soft tickles. His eyes ran down her form carefully as his hands moved nonstop, he couldn’t keep the laughter from out his mouth and he suddenly loved the glint of happiness he was in her eyes, rather than the lust he normally saw; he wanted to give her that more often and he knew it for awhile.

But why?

For a very small moment y/n was able to pretend like it has absolutely no affect on her. That was cut short however as he started to press down a little harder which made her cry out in painful laughter.
“Okay cal.. S-stop it!” She said through small breaths.
“Say you’re sorry.” He demanded with a grin, not wanting to stop her smiling.
“I-I didn’t say a-anything wrong.” She argued. “I can do this all day long baby girl. You let me know what you want.” He said this because he really could. He could, and would sit on her for hours if it made her laugh, if it gave her a feeling other than sexual pleasure.
“Calum I’m gonna piss myself!!” She half shouted.
“Good thing you live downstairs then.” He said with a chuckle.
“O-okay fine!” She gave in. She tried to move onto her side but Calum’s grip was tight on her hip.
“What’re you sorry for?” He asked tauntingly. “I-I’m sorry for… I’m sorry that you suck.” She said sarcastically.
Even though she didn’t give Calum the answer he wanted he stopped, his eyes trailing over her laying underneath him.
Y/N’s breath was labored but she still managed to look up at him with a smile and question.
“What?” She questioned.
But she didn’t get a reply, only a few more moments of Calum just looking down at her.
“You okay?” She asked again. “Earth to Calum?”
“Can I kiss you?” He asked breathlessly, like he had been holding his breath.
“You never used to ask.” She said with a giggle, but Calum’s face remained the same. Showing an emotion she could not understand.
“Y-yeah, you can.” She said with a nod of her head. And as soon as she did Calum crashed his lips down onto hers gently.
Y/N’s hands flew to entangle themselves in his untamed hair as he showered her full lips with kisses. Their lips moved in sync with each other as Calum ran his hand down her body with light caresses.
She couldn’t tell what it was, but something was off. Normally, Calum would’ve already had her clothes off and in a pile on the floor somewhere.
His soft lips trailed from her cheek down to her neck, then the inner cavity of her collar bone.
He unzipped her jacket with careful hands which left Y/N’s upper body almost naked to his looking eyes. He threw the jacket over onto the floor and placed his large hands up and under Y/N’s lower body to bring her closet to him, he went back to delivering kisses to her body, this time they were placed to the tops of her breasts. His tongue darted out and ran against her clammy skin.

Suddenly a realization came down onto him with a hard crash; like a body to an incoming car and he lay her body down onto the couch again.
Y/N was of course not aware of what ever was going on in Calum’s head and assumed that they were going to continue their session. He leaned up from on top of her and stood up straight to begin walking away from her. She had sat up straight and was taking her bra off when she noticed Calum’s distance from her.
“Calum what are you doing?” She asked. “Condoms are in the night stand.”
Calum often appreciated Y/N’s humor, but now wasn’t the time that he felt like laughing.
“Cal what’s wrong?” She asked. “Did I do something wrong or something?”
“No!” He told. “No, of course not baby.” Y/N bit her bottom lip as she was tempted to not even ask him again.
“Are we.. Are you going to finish?”
Calum sighed and turned back to her. I’m his mind, he saw himself going. “Of course babe” then going back to her and ripping off her clothes to then completely, utterly, and deliciously devour her to any extent. But he couldn’t, he wouldn’t do anything more to her. "No.” He said painfully. Calum knew that getting into this kind of relationship would probably be dangerous, but y/n wanted it and so did he at one point but now, he wanted nothing more than for her to be able call him her boyfriend and him to call her his girlfriend; but this game they were playing had rules, and he no longer wanted to follow them. He no longer wanted to see her with other men and he himself was surely tired of having to find girls like her when he could have the real thing. He wasn’t selfish though, he knew he could easily be turned down by y/n and if that happened he wouldn’t push her to be with him, he knew he didn’t want to hurt her or make her uncomfortable, but he didn’t want to keep harming himself either. What else was there for him to say? Why couldn’t he tell her what he had just rehearsed in his head? Why couldn’t he do anything? To solve this, we need to remember that he can do all of these things without another thought to it, but he is not wanting to do them. Can’t, couldn’t, and could’ve are all words he said when describing their relationship. He can’t be with her He couldn’t make her be with him if all she wanted was sex, because at one point that’s all he wanted. He could’ve told her all these things. But he didn’t. “I can’t hurt you again Y/N.” He said sadly. “I won’t lie to you, and I won’t pretend with you any longer.” He took a deep breath and cleared his mind to prepare for any repercussions from his next words.

“Because I’m madly, and deeply in love with you. And I know that there’s nothing I can do about it.”



American live action/animated crime film written and directed by Ralph Bakshi, about an African American rabbitfox, and bear who rise to the top of the organized crime racket in Harlem, encountering corrupt law enforcementcon artists, and the Mafia. The film, which combines live-action with animation, stars Philip ThomasCharles GordoneBarry White, and Scatman Crothers, all of whom appear in both live-action and animated sequences. 


This is one of the big ones folks, one of the most prolific of forgotten animated films. A cult hit by legendary animation god, Ralph Bakshi that is unmatched by any other animated film in its style or its portrayal of its subject matter.

I could do a whole week dedicated to the works of this animator but I feel I should spotlight one of his works sooner rather than later. Why not rush in, guns a-blazing with one of his most controversial and personal of films, Coonskin.

Now with that title, and this trailer I shouldn’t have to explain why the film was met with a mountain of controversy both pre-and-post-release. I shouldn’t, but I will. The movie shows a massive amount of depictions of “black” characters as violent gangsters, con-men, sociopathic monsters, drug addicts, etc, etc and doesn’t shy away from blackface caricatures, and stereotypes that have aided in marginalizing Blacks in America for several decades. 

Some people out there will argue that even though Bakshi grown up in the epicenter of Harlem, New York during the time of segregation in America, lived and worked with Black Americans his whole life, specifically wanted black artists, animators, and voice actors that the film is bad for showing such imagery.

Even if it’s all presented in a satirical way (which it is), it’s still bad to show these caricatures and black characters acting in a stereotypical way because it only helps to reinforce those stereotypes and keep them alive. That’s pretty nonsensical since the entire point of the movie is to show that these types of things manufactured by Hollywood and ingrained in the popular culture are bad. They’re thrown in your face in a way that’s striking and horrible and you can’t believe it exists, or that such a thing was ever ok. Its meant to be raw, gritty, and spit in the face of White America that doesn’t know what Blacks have had to contend with and what their culture has been forced to be like.

Then again, nobody is really depicted in a positive light; White people in this movie are stereotyped, Gays, and Jews are HEAVILY stereotyped, and cops… well, cops are cops, ain’t no changing that.

Despite the controversy, and how it received a limited release it became a cult classic among animation fans and is heralded by Bakshi as one of his best works, if not his best work.

Nowadays– in all honesty while the film should be watched by everyone as a genius work of satire, it’s more on the artistic side rather than the entertaining side. Bakshi is one of those directors who is in love with his rough and gritty style and loves to linger on his visuals for the audience to absorb.  In every one of his movies he has this problem with pacing; drawing out some scenes that look great or are meant to convey a message. Other scenes just kind of get zipped past or don’t have much to them, making the movies feel longer than they actually are.

This makes his movies, particularly Coonskin more along the lines of something to be enjoyed for the art rather than the story, which isn’t a bad thing but kind of kills rewatchability. 



I dig this movie, I dig it a lot. I saw it for the first time years ago when I took a course in college about The History of Writing & Cartooning In American Culture.

In short, I would definitely recommend it. Go see this movie, in fact, go hunt it up on youtube right now, you owe it to yourself.

Go on.

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outfit: i’m always high fashion, for example right now i’m wearing a pink and purple striped long-sleeved tshirt, loose black trousers with palm trees in them, and baby pink woollen socks

shoes to go are: a pair of bright pink trainers unfortunately

makeup/accessories: none rn, i don’t wear accessories bc when i do i just fidget them to pieces within weeks (my watch just fell apart because of this lol i’ll need to figure out if i can fix it or get a new one) and makeup-wise i’m either lazy or minimal depending on which angle you prefer to view it from

coffee order: none, i drink tea instead but my preferences vary wildly, rn it’s green tea, chamomile tea, earl grey or peppermint tea but just months ago i would have told you i don’t really drink/like any of those. also i’ve started putting milk and honey in my tea??? outrageous

nighttime routine: god i wish i had a good one. I work evenings and find it hard to go to bed soon after i come home so it tends to be 2 hours of sitting in the kitchen with my phone telling everyone i’m just about to go to bed until it’s 1 am and i actually finally manage to drag myself to the shower. but after that i’m a routine robot who showers brushes her teeth then goes to bed and falls asleep

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All I want for Christmas

This is for all my lovely readers as a christmas present, or just a gift to wish you all a happy new year!!
It is specially dedicated to my lovely Iana, who I love dearly and am so thankful to for being my friend and be there for me when I most need it. You are a gem and deserve all the good in the world. It’s such a shame you are so far away from me, and I know this little something is way far form being enough to express my gratitude and love for you, but I hope you enjoy it anyways. I love you babe.

This said, I hope you all enjoy it too :D

There were a lot of nice ways for Jungkook to wake up. His favorite would be with Jimin curled beside him, his tiny body wrapped around Jungkook’s more sturdy one, his scent filling Jungkook’s nostrils to the point the alpha couldn’t smell anything else beside his mate.They would cuddle, embrace each other tight while Jimin’s nose would run up and down Jungkook’s neck for later to drop a sweet kiss there.

The second on top of the list would be with their son bouncing on their bed, his tiny hands tickling them awake, giggles loud and clear on their room and smiles brighter than the sun.

But he discovered a new one that morning; Jungkook had slightly sighed disappointed when he came out from dreamland and didn’t feel Jimin next to him, his side of the bed almost cold, but then his ears had caught the noise at the kitchen and an immediate grin appeared on his face. He could already imagine it: Jimin baking the christmas cookies he did every year -wolf shaped with a Santa hat-, humming his favorite carol and Byungsoo sitting at the counter, his tinny legs bouncing and trying to follow the rhythm on Jimin’s voice.

Yeah, that morning was starting to be a favorite.

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[Converse, Converse I really hate Converse.]
Rated: Mature

You were surprised to see Yoongi waiting for you on the couch when you entered your apartment. You knew he had a photoshoot, and a recording session scheduled this afternoon. “Oppa what are you-” you gasped into his mouth as he cut you off with a kiss. He picked you up off your feet and carried you deeper into the apartment toward the bedroom. You deepened the kiss and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Nnnn…”

He groaned against your lips. “I have twenty minutes before I have to leave.” he bit your lip playfully. “And I need you..” He unbuttoned your top as he moved to nip at the skin of your neck. “Now…” He slipped your shirt off, tossing it on the bed.

Your back arched against the bed as soft moans escaped your lips. There were times he was needier than others, which usually made him a quick and selfish lover, but you knew he’d more than make it up to you when he gets home tonight. He always did.

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On Saturday, my mom and I took Little B shopping for some new shoes (his Sperrys lasted approximately 2.5 minutes). As I suspected, he has refused to wear “regular” shoes because his feet are extremely wide and previous pairs were downright uncomfortable. Not just extra wide, but extra extra wide (I find this to be both hilarious and adorable. I mean, how cute is this pic of him testing out a very manly navy pair?!). Short of enlisting some Italian shoemaker to construct Little B’s special kicks, the only place I have found that carries his size is Stride Rite (where I shopped with my mom for shoes decades ago - how nostalgic!). Moms, I need some help! Do you know of other brands that carry my little guy’s size?

I'm Dirty!

Character: Jaebum (JB) Got7
Read it here!
Authors note:
To the person that request this scenario I am truly sorry if this came out “to smuty!” My mind really likes to go crazy when I write them especially when it comes to my biased. Too many feels T_T I really hope you liked it and please give me some feedback on how you felt! Thanks~

- Admin A 

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Wake Me Up When It’s All Over 2/2
Pairing: Chris-centric, Chris/Darren, one-sided Chris/OMC
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 18k
Summary: A sad story about a sad little boy who will find a happy ending, or: the story of how Chris became homeless and then met Darren. Companion to this series of crisscolfer homeless au one-shots I wrote back in December. It is not necessary to read them first. 
Warning: Minor character death, drug use (not main character), sexual and physical assault, prostitution. 
Notes: Thanks to bbcott for beta reading, and to Mav and Bee for being flawless bitches and insanely encouraging. 

Read on AO3.

part one

Chris sits on the stairs of a church one evening and watches a woman sing. He likes churches like this one, small and tucked away. The people coming in and out of them are generally nicer and they don’t tell him he has to leave if it’s just him. They don’t do that unless there are other homeless people cluttering up the area so much that people start to complaining.

A lot of the more dangerous types stay away from churches. Guilt complexes or just an awareness that they don’t fit - Chris doesn’t know why, but he likes it. Instead he gets people like this woman. She’s rail thin with skin deeply tanned and leathery. Her appearance is nothing overly intimidating and certainly not attractive - but her voice.

Her voice is amazing. He watches people dropping money at her feet, but it’s more dollar bills than change.

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Pinky Promises #793
  • Guess who's back, back again, alexa’s back, tell a friend.
  • Harry: “I’m just going to miss you,” you cry as Harry crowds you into a desolate corner in the busy airport. It’s back to work which means he’ll be gone for a good four months before you’re able to see him. “I know, babe. Everything will be alright, It’ll be like I’m not even gone I promise. I left so many shirts behind and I’ll facetime you and call you and text you all the time, it’ll be like I’m not even gone.” He whispers pressing a few kisses on your forehead before leaning down and landing one on your lips. “Pinky Promise?” The older boy looks down to where you’ve stuck out your pinky and lets out a quick chuckle. “Pinky promise.” With that your pinky is wrapped around his and his lips have found their way yet again to yours.
  • Liam: “You have to pinky promise, Li! You have too!” You squeal breathlessly holding his hands in yours. After a wild tickle fight Liam has finally agreed to let you alone, but you don’t believe him. As you lay underneath him he presses kisses along your lips and down your neck, “Let go of my hands so I can pinky promise.” He mumbles into your neck, the scruff along his lips causing you to shiver before blushing a soft red. Slowly, you let one of his hands escape, with a grin he pokes his pinky out awaiting you to wrap your own around it. “Pinky promise.” You release his other hand which comes up to frame your face giving your lips another line of kisses.
  • Louis: With the change of weather, Louis and your four year old son are sick. The two boys pile in the master bedroom filling the bed with tissues and cough drop wrappers, though sad because they're sick, it's a rather cute sight to see. “He just fell asleep,” Louis coughs as your little boy lays draped across his chest. “He’s running a fever, and so am I. Why don’t you come cuddle and maybe it’ll make us feel better?” You give him a smile setting down the basket of laundry you were intending to fold. “I will, let me run and get your medicine and I’ll be back for some cuddles.” “You promise?” Louis asks raising an eyebrow, you laugh, padding across the hardwood floors with your pinky poked out. “I pinky promise.” The flippy-haired boy grins before wrapping his pinky around yours. “Alright, hurry!”
  • Niall: “Just one more store, [y/n].” Niall promises as he parades you through the mall with a grin on his face. The only reason you came was to find the new pair of shoes that he just had to get, but after purchasing those, he decided he needed a new pair of shorts... and pants... and those shoes that you saw about 2 hours ago before the two of you had lunch. “Ni, we’ve been walking around for three hours, I’m hungry, and tired.” You whine tromping behind him with a frown across your lips. “I promise baby, just one more. I just need some socks.” “You pinky promise?” You question causing the blonde boy to giggle as he comes to a stop. “I pinky promise.” So after locking pinkies you walk into, hopefully, the last store.
  • Zayn: “Don’t get up.” He whispers tiredly just as you set your phone down. You were resting peacefully beside the older boy when your alarm starting blaring letting you know that it was time for work. “I have to get up babe. Work.” You mumble rolling over to face your tired boyfriend, he had just gotten in from late recording and it just seemed as though you two had just went to sleep. Zayn’s brown eyes peek up to you before he smiles pushing the flat black hair from his forehead trying to make it into a quiff, however it doesn’t work, the hair just falls lazily across his eyebrows. He looks sleepy warm, a bare chest and just the blanket draped across his hips. It’s then you realize that work can wait, you have a boyfriend to cuddle with. “I’m going to go call in sick, I’ll be back.” You mumble kissing his nose before slipping out of bed. “Pinky promise? Promise that’s what you’re doing?” Zayn peeps from under the blankets, you can’t help but laugh as he pokes his pinky from under the white blankets. “Pinky promise.” you say as you link pinkies.

Kyungsoo: Why does God hate me? I try to be a good person yet I keep getting thrown into crappy situations.

Me: Why are you complaining about getting new clothes? Most people would jump at the chance to have their grandma buy them new clothes. Stop being ungrateful.

External image

Jackson: Yeah Soo stop being ungrateful. 

Kyungsoo: Shut up Jackson. 

Grandma Charice: Baby Soo come over here and try on this shirt and these jeans.

Kyungsoo: Mama can I just go wait in the food court please?

Me: Kyungsoo baby it wouldn’t kill you to buy some new clothes and change up your style a bit.

Kyungsoo: What’s wrong with my style?

External image

Jackson: Do you really want me to go there?

Kyungsoo: What’s that suppose to mean?

External image

Jackson: Kyungsoo you’re eighteen and dress like you’re part of the freakin Adams Family. Like damn do I need to nickname you Wednesday? 

Kyungsoo: I happen to like the way I dress thank you very much. Better than dressing like a wanna be rapper. How’s the mixtape coming J-Not-Flawless? 

Me: Will you two stop bickering like a couple of old bitties and come on.

*In the dressing rooms*

Grandma Charice: Kyungsoo baby come out the dressing room!

Kyungsoo: I don’t wanna. 

Grandma Charice: I’m not asking you, I’m telling you. Now come out so we can see how the outfit looks on you.

Kyungsoo: Huh fine.

Kyungsoo: How do I look?

Jackson: Not lame for once. 

Kyungsoo: Thank you peanut gallery.

Me: That outfit is adorable Soo. 

Grandma Charice: Look, it even shows off what little shape you have.

Kyungsoo: Grandma I’m a boy. I’m not supposed to have a shape.

External image

Me: Well unfortunately baby you do have one. You took after my side, and you know my motto if you got it, flaunt it. I’m sure Jongin is going to greatly appreciate those pants. 

External image

Kyungsoo: Mama stop please! 

Grandma Charice: Okay so this outfit is a yes. Now try on the other one.

External image

Me: And I expect to see you actually wear these clothes Kyungsoo.

Kyungsoo: Yes ma'am. 

External image

Jackson: Grandma can we go to the Nike store too?

Grandma Charice: Jackson do you actually need new shoes?

External image

Jackson: Maybe?

Me: We’ll go after this and you get only ONE pair Jackson. Now go try on this outfit. 

External image

Kyungsoo: Mom really do I have to?

Grandma Charice: Child come out the dressing room so we can see.

External image

Kyungsoo: Fine.

External image

Me: We’re getting it.

Kyungsoo: But I don’t want it.

Grandma Charice: Doesn’t matter you’re getting it. 

External image

Kyungsoo: But I don’t WANT it! 

Me: Do we NEED to take a trip to the restroom?

Kyungsoo: I’m the same size as you. You can’t whoop me. 

Me: You’re right therefore it wouldn’t be a whooping it would be a common beat down. Now go change so we can pay for these clothes and go look at shoes. You act right I MIGHT let you live long enough to get a new pair of shoes. 

Grandma Charice: Girl children these days. I don’t understand how you put up with some of their antics. 

Me: A lot of prayer mom. A lot of prayer and the occasional strong alcoholic beverage.

Jackson: Mama! Look I’m runway ready!

Me: Actually it might be a daily strong beverage. 

External image

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