baby myung~


reactions to the first tantara band fan meeting 

ulluoa  asked:

You have no obligation to do so but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see more babbies like I have been thinking about that cropped picture of baby Myung Wook and Mamoru for days and can't get over how cute it is!

Thank you~ I’ll do my best to draw more of those soon 💕

It’s my first follow forever wow, I recently gained like a lot of followers like really fast and I am finally gonna do one of these. A lot of super cool blogs followed me and I’m kinda freaking out??? 

People That I Love/Mutuals (if we ain’t talking hmu): 

I didn’t add everyone because I did this supererrrr fast so you can kill me or message me and I’ll add you. 

asslord /// bangblockbaptan /// rapmonsters /// hongboning /// yungleean /// sunggyugioh /// yongguccimane /// boatmajed /// yungnoona ///  oppasassmilk /// taehyungucci /// xiuru /// batzelozelo /// bvixx /// chanyounot /// xiumane /// h0ejoon /// sehuns-left-testicle /// crayonpoppunk /// teurim /// sugaed /// bubbletaehyung /// kimseokjim /// gayh0pe /// daddyong /// donutfetish /// hyadain /// sangdont /// yutakakyan /// stopvixx /// cha-hottea /// hyukulele24 /// socksjin /// ziyannie ///

Super Friends: 

wlklpedla - maleena we like actually just started talking like 3 days ago but you are super cool keep it up. 

yooongis - jolli you’re the best person i’ve ever met and you are so cute and ily so much like actually

dolce-cafe - yo maggie you are the raddest and you know lotsa stuff about kpop 

myung-baby a.k.a weltschermz - ahhh you’re a doll you’re actually so sweet

jungcookme - yo we recently started talking and u are mega rad $$$

People That are way cooler than me that I super apprectiate: 

apogees /// baldfather /// radboysehun (vanna ur blog is probably my favorite on this website not even going to lie we’ve talked like .5 times cause i’m really scared to do it for real) /// kimnogjog /// lvl21 /// vixxtoobomb /// rapmemester /// deepthoughtsbykanyewest /// ivyclub /// tyleroppathecreator /// feeleo /// baekn0 /// oppafightme