baby miw

Sex with Ricky would Include

- little Bites and nips

-I feel like he would be super slow passionate

-Sub Sub SUb

-Constantly kissing you

-absolutely loves the feeling of your body pressed against his.

-him biting his lip ring to keep from moaning

-but then you would do this little thing with your hips and make him lose control

-loves teasing you (Especially when in front of others;)

-Hella fingering (You’ve seen those hands)

-“Oh fuck,baby.”

- Scratching

I am Deceased

Good Little Whore (Part 8)

Ghost x Reader

Warnings: Language, Violence, Smut

You yawn, stretching your arms above your head, your fingers curling as you slowly wake up. You blink sleepily a couple times, your eyes slowly roving over the white of your bedroom. 

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