baby medusa


I cried, unholy ugly tears, like my babies. They have come so far, faced a lot of odds, and just. Ugh, this was worth it. MC and Medusa together making cute little Gorgon babies and living a good life. I can dream on the cute little Gorgon babies, but still this was everything I have hoped for and a great way to face the new year. 🐍💥💫❤️❤️💕


fun medusa concept! :)

baby!medusa is born with a single enormous snake on her head. what?!?!

kid!medusa discovers her ability to change the snakes’ species, immediately chooses all the colours of the rainbow of course.

teen!medusa is gettin’ real tired of no one looking her in the eye. she goes a bit dark - choosing spiky, scary, venomous snakes to reflect her inner teen-rage.

snake enthusiast medusa has snakes coming at her from far and wide and she provides a sanctuary for them, often on her head.