baby meaty

A Prodigy

    This is a fanfic I’ve been writing for months, and I’ve decided to end writing it now to publish it. I feel that I’ve ended it at the proper place and have no idea how to move it forward.

I wanted to chronicle Alyssa’s life and I’m happy with what I’ve written. Reblogs are appreciated <3

  The small girl situated on his hip was shaking, gripping onto his upper garments. He wasn’t sure how to handle this situation. How did you take care of a child? Especially one who had recently seen her tribe and mother obliterated in front of her.
      Mot knocked hastily on the office door, and adjusted Alyssa on his hip. Why were children so heavy? His hands were sweating profusely, causing the bat girl to slip easily, but her grip on his shirt was a vice. If she went down, she was going to bring him down, too. Maybe, these meaty baby fists she had would turn into stronger adult fists.

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The little dark haired, blue eyed baby grinned up at his father. He had hold of one of his own little feet and was bringing it to his own mouth. His eyes held only pure adoration for his father.

Percival’s laugh was quiet and breathy, because they decidedly did not want to wake anyone else up. “You know you’re yummy too, huh? Don’t you look at me like that, right after you burped all over my shirt and had to have a sink bath…” His nibbling of the meaty little baby foot rewarded him with baby giggles, “Who’s all round and soft and cleaned up and ready to eat? Gonna taste too grrrrrr—” 

skyward sword bosses

1. gene simmons
2. if mike wazowski and the sun had a baby
4. nightmare muppet v. 1
5. johnny six swords
6. hentai
7. gene simmons accepted greed’s philosopher stone
8. nightmare muppet v. 2
9. monsters inside me: the lost episode
10. nightmare muppet v. 3
11. I didn’t even realize this counted as a boss fight but okay
12. dark fi show me the forbidden demon sword
13. nightmare muppet became a real boy

I hate how iphone stops autocorrecting when u caps lock like news flash just because I have the conviction to yell what I’m saying doesn’t mean I’m not an idiot with bad spelling and giant meaty baby fingers

shows like mr. meaty or baby loony tunes seem like they were made from the start to play during school hours or in the very late night, like a bunch of people got together and said “we need to make some complete and utter shit to fill the hours that kids are school. get some ratty ass puppets and go nuts."