baby martin kills me


Everyone’s saying that Theo dies in the finale and I can’t handle it. Someone please help convince me that there are possibilities of Theo running away or some shit. I just can’t deal with it if he dies. If that happens no one expect to hear from me for a week to a year to the rest of my life

Imagine Lydia bringing baby Claudia into the Sheriff station when she takes lunch, or on a late shift, dinner, to Stiles and the Sheriff. And they all sit and enjoy lunch together, completely distracted from the chaos while they coo and fawn over Claudia. And the Sheriff looks over at his son and his young wife and baby and at how happy his kid is, and he can’t help but remember when his wife would come visit him when he was just a deputy and bring baby Stiles in to the station.

Dear Jeff,

If you dare hurt any of my babies (aka Baby cinnamon-roll-too-good-too-precious-for-this-world Liam, Baby True Alpha Scott McCall, Baby Malia, Ô BABY DEPUTY JORDAN FUCKING PARRISH, Ô BABY BANSHEE LYDIA MARTIN, Baby Stiles), you will have my death on your conscious.

Yours sincerely,

PS : If any of them gets hurt I will ask Derek to go and rip off your throat with his teeth.