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Some good things about Dragon Ball Super

So, yeah. After the recent bit of controversy over the stupid manga and Toyotaro’s weird hatred for Goku, I decided I needed a break from tumblr and the Dragon Ball fandom on the internet in general for a few days. I checked in a few times to see if I got any asks or such, but otherwise I’m not going to be back here like normal until Friday. Maybe Thursday, but I have other priorities at the moment.

Honestly, sometimes the negativity of this fandom really gets to me. Whether it’s the Goku hate, the shipping wars, the angry anon’s, the unfriendly and outright hateful people who can’t let fans enjoy elements of the franchise that they personally don’t without insulting and belittling them, or the general negativity towards the franchise, by the same people who claim to love it usually. It can just get a bit over whelming for me personally since I haven’t been doing so great lately. I’m not a person that handles a ton of negativity well.

But, I thought I might pop in to encourage a little positivity for a change. Specifically, since we’re all really ticked off at the manga right now, I just thought now might be a good time to celebrate all the good stuff about the Dragon Ball Super anime. Everyone feel free to reblog with whatever else you think is really good about the show, whether it’s a fun moment, your favourite episode, a new character or concept you like, anything you think is good about the show. Feel free to go off on a tangent gushing about it, or discussing what you think makes those things work. You can do the same for anything I list here, I might go back and add some description for my choices later but I have work to do soon.

The general point here is: Life’s too short to wallow in negativity all the time. Sometimes we all need to take a step back and appreciate the good things in life, and that includes in the media we consume and enjoy. So, without further ado, let’s get started below the cut.

Farmer Goku. A great source of funny moments, and even some genuine character development for Goku here and there.

Krillin’s character development

Android 17 is perfect

Baby Pan and Bulla are the most adorable babies ever!

Also, Marron is precious too.

Uncle Pikkoyo

The interesting world building that opens up boundless story potential. Including ELEVEN new universes and a huge pantheon of Gods.

Mr Satan

Gohan and Mr Satan playing with baby Pan

Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken

A lot of good humour

Jaco is a recurring character now

Frieza is at his absolute best in the current saga.

Hit is the best new DB character in years

Vegeta the family man



Vados and Champa

Zen-oh the Omni-King

Goku being a loving and supportive father whenever he’s in a scene with Gohan and Goten

That epic fight in episode 57


Cabba and Vegeta’s interaction

New Saiyans

Caulifla, the first official female super saiyan!

Kale, the first offical female LEGENDARY super saiyan!

Toppo and the Pride Troopers


Kakunsa and Vikal, the first canon lesbian couple in Dragon Ball and the best LGBT rep the franchise currently has (Not that hard, considering the only other notable example is general Blue, who’s a villainous pedophile…)

The Trio De Danger

Plenty of adorable shipping moments for all the couples

Tien has his own Dojo now

Goku Black is awesome

Goku Backhanding Zamasu

Future Mai

Majin Buu vs Basil

Gohan vs Lavender

Goku vs Basil

The God energy dragons. No i don’t care if there wasn’t an explanation, they looked awesome!

Goku vs Android 17

Goku and Android 17’s great interactions in general

Krillin and Android 18 finally being a proper battle couple in the tournament of power. Also, that awesome energy volley ball attack is one of my new favourite moves in dragon ball.

Krillin vs Goku

The Great Saiyaman two-parter

The Hit two parter

The baby pan episode

the second opening is one of the best openings of any dragon ball series.

The first one is pretty nice too.

Ending 1, 2, 3 and the latest one are all pretty good

Future Trunks and Gohan episode

I don’t care if it didn’t make much sense, Spirit Bomb Trunks looked awesome and that episode looked gorgeous

Great Dr Slump crossover

That amazing Goku vs Gohan fight in episode 90

Gohan is currently awesome again.

Videl being the best wife ever in episode 74

Two new namekians

The Tournament of Power features over twice as many female fighters as Dragon Ball and DBZ combined.

Great slice of life moments.

Fit Buu

Yamcha got his own breather episode

Bulma is fun and proactive

Goten is adorable

Vegeta trying to cook.

Briefs family vacation episode




Piccolo vs Frost

Goku vs Hit


Piccolo got to beat someone in the Tournament of Power

That scene where Krillin and family meet up with Android 17 on his island

King Kai being King Kai

Zamasu’s “I’m just being self absorbed” line. Funniest villain line ever.

The Super Dragon Balls and super shenron

Future Trunks and Kid Trunks interaction

The English dub is fantastic and a joy to listen to.

@angelrin89 @bulma-laboratory @no-discourse-onlywrites @breezytealy @dragon-ball-meta anyone else want to give this a try?


This is a play I wrote & performed for Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind about TED Talks.

I’m back in the show October 31 - December 13.

Screenshot from “Checking Our Privilege: the Drinking Game”. Dylan says, “I am not overweight or obese”, and only he and Cecil drink. From the NerdCon edition of “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind”, see this video. (Pictured from left to right: Kate Jones, Desiree Burch, Cecil Baldwin, Jeffrey Cranor, Meg Bashwiner, Dylan Marron, Kevin R. Free) 

This is probably the first time the phrase “overweight or obese” has made me feel happy and included. Usually, when these words are used, people like me are being described as a problem. That makes me feel alienated and judged. 

The difference here is that “overweight or obese” is mentioned in a way that is not negative. In fact, it’s not commented on at all. It’s not a flaw, just a quality many of these people have. It doesn’t define them, but much like being non-white or non-heterosexual or transgender, it’s a quality some people will judge them for. 

The overweight or obese cast members are standing there, not being ridiculed or shamed. They have their own complex relationship with their bodies, and this play allows for that. They’re allowed dignity.

It makes me feel like I’m standing there with them and being acknowledged. Not seen as a problem, just as a human being who is, among other things, fat. (I’m only using this word to describe my own body, not the cast members. How they define their bodies is up to them.) 

As thin men, Cecil and Dylan do get comments about their bodies. But those comments are not as vicious as the ones I get about my body. Thin people are not judged in the same way. It means so much to me that Cecil and Dylan understand this. 

I cannot describe how much this means to me. I’m not used to being acknowledged and included. Often even the most forward-thinking people don’t really get weight stigma. 

My favorite thing about the Neo-Futurists is that they are open to people. They invite people’s stories and voices, especially ones that are not usually heard. This openness allows for them to not categorize people. There’s room for different personalities and experiences. There’s room to be seen, not as something you represent, but by being here as you are.


eyyy Night Valies, here’s this video of New Carlos Dylan Marron portraying an angry vagina

I feel like this is all we will ever need to know