baby marron

anonymous asked:

So, knowing the chestnut family lived on Kame island for a long time, dya think they took marron in the ocean since she was little or did they get one of those splash pools for her and fill that up first until they thought she was big enough to brave the ocean?

Hmm, well I think they waded in with her as a baby, like hold her and gently let the water lap at her feet or hug her close/have her in their lap while carefully sitting down in the shallow part of the water. But a splash pool is definitely an option I think they did. That way Marron can safely play and get used to being in the water and be shaded from the sun under a sunbrella or something! So I guess, in my head, a little of both as and answer to your question!

Also I couldn’t get baby!Marron in a splash pool outta my head so I doodled it.