baby marks

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  • This lil child lmao
  • He’s so awkward when he’s alone with you in public and even more in private so yol don’t go out
  • You just follow him to the studio and watch him work
  • It’s funny and interesting
  • You forget how liddol he is doing all that mess
  • It’s also cute
  • You go out to get coffee and snacks for break time
  • He doesn’t ignore you completely becos you making it hard to focus
  • But like bruh… its cold TURN THE HEAT UP
  • You mess with him when he’s visibly frustrated because noooo
  • *Flicks his hat off his head*
  • Plays with his ears*
  • *Fiddles with the fingers on his free hand*
  • ‘are you bored?’
  • why yes. Yes I am,’
  • Tickle fights because he’s stuck and Taeyong is out somewhere and he would call him but tickle fights
  • Freestyle rap battles
  • ‘you have a very unfair advantage,’
  • ‘how?!’
  • Defensive pouts
  • Naps on the leather sofa
  • Wants to be the little spoon all the time sometimes
  • it’s fine cos that’s your baby boy that’s everyone’s baby boy yes.

Taeyong, Taeil, Yuta, Johnny, Doyoung, Jaehyung, Winwin


this was just a really big excuse to draw that unicorn shirt


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Do you ever cry because Wolfgang has spent a lifetime thinking he’s alone and a monster and now he has a family that loves him so much they dropped everything and essentially started a war the second he was in trouble because I’m over here drowning in my tears


Of course it was all a joke! Were you in on this? Did Damien put you up to this? Of course he did. Damien, where are you, you rapscallion? Where are you? Celine? Oh, it’s time to come out now!