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I love your art so much and I want to draw like you someday!! Sorry to bother, but what did Veruca and Olly look as teenagers? Thank for taking time to read this!! I love you and your art just SO MUCH!!

Thank you so much you’re too sweet!! Olly and Ruca don’t look that much different from when they were teens but Olly had a 90′s hottopic goth look and  used to have his lip and nose pierced. I think Oliver has always dressed alternative, Ruca however wasn’t always very alternative her and her sister went to a school where they wore uniforms so she couldnt really dress how she wanted to all the time  but would dye her hair black and wore a LOT of eyeliner haha! It was only around the time she met Olly at 15 that she started dressing how she wanted. In the pic they’re probably hanging out before a Manson concert!

Marilyn Monroe + Pregnancies and her dream of being a mother

“The thing i want more than anything else? I want a baby! I want to have children! I used to feel that for every child i had, i would adopt another.” Marilyn Monroe for George Barris - “Her Life In Her Own Words” (1962)

She loved children and the children adored her, Marilyn talked about her dream of being a mother in many occasions, but sadly, her dream was never accomplished - Marilyn suffered with chronic endometriosis, endometriosis can have both social and psychological effects, causing pain and inability to have children. Marilyn took pills since a very young age to relieve her strong pain during her period, her professional contract even had her off work whilst on her period. When she married Arthur Miller in 1956, she wanted to start a family with him, and she tried: Marilyn suffered her first miscarriage in late August of 1956, whilst filming ‘The Prince and The Show Girl’, “my heart is broken’, she said to her half sister, Berniece.
Marilyn’s second miscarriage was in August 1957, when she had found out she was pregnant in July (Marilyn was pregnant of approximately 2 months on the famous pictures of her with that white bathing suit, taken by Sam Shaw, which are often used to spread the myth that she was plus size, when in reality she was pregnant). She suffered an ectopic pregnancy in august, and when she left the hospital, there was a lot of paparazzi and fans out of there, she stayed strong and kept a smile on her face.
Marilyn’s final known miscarriage was in 1958, Marilyn learned she was pregnant in late October, whilst filming Some Like It Hot; on December 16th she tragically miscarried again. You can see her baby bump on the pictures of this post