baby mama drama

Syco = One Direction’s Record Label

AnnMarie Thomson = Head of Public Relations at Syco

AnnMarie Thomson = Following Branani’s Grandmother on Instagram

Club Pictures of Louis and Berniena = Leaked by Briani’s Grandmother

It’s as simple as that, as a linear equation. The math adds up.

Olicity: the lie, the break-up, the path to reconciliation, and anything else that comes to mind.

Early this week I hit a big follower milestone, and the results of the vote showed that most people cared to hear what I think about things. I’ve actually not had a ton to say throughout this storyline, but I did get some good asks about Oliver and Felicity, the lie, the break/break-up, and how they may find their way back to each other. I wanted to wait until yesterday’s episode to write this out, because there would be more pieces to the puzzle. So, here we go.

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1. Sweet – covered in the Flash episode

2. Heartbreaking – confrontation between Olicity about William. Maybe Oliver doesn’t want to get to know him for his own protection or something.

3. Mature – They have a serious conversation about kids and their future.

Somewhere here, Oliver goes to see Baby Mama and William and confronts her.

4. Changed – Olicity is stronger than ever; their future is set. They’ve talked kids, future, they love each other.

And this leads to…

Here's my deal,

Y'all wanna keep talking about BG and B, you be my guest. I’m not the blog police and y'all can talk about whatever you want to on your own blogs. I may -may- still answer a question here and there, but from here on out, I’m just done talking about it. It’s so incredibly boring to me because I rest assured in two things: 1. Louis is not going to be a father just yet. 2. He is very much in love with his partner, best friend, and fiancé, Harry. I’m excited for what the near future holds for them. And though, like I said, I don’t begrudge anyone the right to talk about these things on their own blogs, I would much rather spend my time talking about what those good things are and how wonderful they will be when they come about.

So for now, I’m retiring some tags and letting this topic die on my page. There’s nothing interesting or remotely valid to it anymore, Harry and Louis completely destroyed this narrative with their own blitzkrieg, and I am very proud of them.

punchdrunkdoc  asked:

I'm loving your complete lack of chill over the STUPID and INFURIATING baby mama storyline. What, if anything, do you think the show can do to redeem it?

I haven’t exactly been mincing words, have I? :)

I don’t know that Arrow necessarily can redeem the plot just because of how nonsensical it is. I can’t get over how absurd it is that Oliver would willingly visit William given how he’s been courting danger with Damien Darhk as both Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow. I can’t get past how preposterous it is that Samantha would let Oliver anywhere near William when Oliver’s fiancee has recently been paralyzed from the waist down because she happened to be with him during an assassination attempt. It just doesn’t make sense, and that’s what irritates me. I’ll suspend disbelief about magic and assassins and aliens all day long, but don’t try to sell characters to me as good parents if they would endanger their kid like this. 

I do believe that Oliver is redeemable, but an awful lot depends on how the show handles his reaction to the truth coming out. He needs to learn from what he’s done wrong and show growth from dealing with the consequences. His misstep in this case isn’t one tiny thing going wrong, and I truly believe that he’ll need to step back from trying to build a future with Felicity. This lie is a perfect storm of separate bad decisions; for his own sake, Oliver will need to correct the behavior that led to each one before he tries to be somebody’s partner in life. 

In order for the overall storyline to be redeemed, then the focus of the storyline needs to not be on Olicity. The focus needs to be on Oliver because Oliver is the problem that needs fixing before anything else, and it can’t happen overnight. 

Or, alternately, somebody could show up at my house with a real copy of 4x12 and tell me that the episode that I saw that featured Oliver mentioning trips to Central City was a very elaborate prank and all is actually well. I’m on board with that happening as well. 

I had a thought...(yes, this is about the secret kid)

There have been amazing metas and thoughts about why the writers went the way they did with this convoluted storyline that most of us dislike. And I really haven’t had much to add to it all. Until something occurred to me.

When the series began, the plan was L*uriver. The triangle was Tommy/Birdie/Oliver. I think the creators (including AJK - ugh) had major story points they wanted/needed to hit. I think the secret kid was one of them. But at the time, the girlfriend Oliver was hiding it from? Was L*urel! Which kinda makes sense since he, you know, knocked up Baby Mama while with L*urel.

For whatever reason, I think that despite changing the story to Olicity’s love story, there are certain major plot points the writers/EPs are still clinging to from the L*uriver plan. All the stuff about contrived drama to keep Olicity apart etc etc is totally valid and makes sense in terms of why they still went ahead with it. But I think it’s possible that the reason this story rings so false to the Olicity relationship…is because it wasn’t thought up with Olicity in mind. It was thought up with a far less healthy, more secretive, dishonest relationship in mind. A relationship where this lie, this secret, would make sense. 

Question to the masses:

The show obviously tried very hard to redeem Baby Mama last night, with her apology to LL and her explanation to Felicity, plus her support of Oliver in the end.

Did it work? Too little too late? Are you of the camp that she wasn’t wrong to begin with?

I’m interested to hear thoughts on this!