baby mama drama

Can we talk about how the new Super Smash bros screencaps depict a cheesy high school drama?

Of course there’s a fab new girl in school flaunting it and getting all the attention

Using her wiles to manipulate the jocks 

Eventually leading to backstabbing bitch fight drama

Then of course there’s this bitch clique tryna do Zelda wrong

Which of course inevitably leads to man stealing

But there are inevitably complications

Leading to further conflict between the main guys

And OF COURSE there’s gonna be the booty 

Inevitable leading to baby mama drama

AND THEN in comes Mr.Steal-yo-girl (who’s clearly ugly as fuck, but only we can see that) to fuck everything up some more. 

Dear Blac Chyna: Bitch you dirty and trifling as fuck. I understand Tyga obviously got some gold ass 🍆 for you to be so persistent but why the fuck are you battling with a 17 year old over a Nigga that don’t want you? I always knew yo ass was slow but not retarded as fuck. you are immature and nasty as hell. what kind of mother are you? is this what you want your son to dig up on you and find when he gets older? bitch your relevancy level is a damn 2. only thing youre relevant on is TheShadeRoom and BallerAlert. you are nothing but an attention whore. you claim Tyga ain’t shit and he did all this bullshit to you and you want the Nigga back? no bitch take your retarded ass on somewhere. your fame was over when Tyga dumped your nasty gold digging hoe ass, so now you gotta use BallerAlert and TheShadeRoom to stay talked about and keep your name “relevant”. in other words “who is blac chyna?” you’re only known for being a Nigga BABY MAMA. go back to stripping hoe, that’s the best career choice for your dumb ass. fighting with a bitch who got yo whole networth on her wrist with just one bracelet. Kylie is much better than you, She will ALWAYS be better than you. she will be relevant for the rest of her life. you’re at your Last bit of your so called “fame” so you tryna get all the attention you can. you mad amber got her man back but instead Tyga moved on on yo slow ass 😂 fuck around and them kardashians gon get yo ass deported for fuckin with they little sister. shit, they got the money. but in other words, Kylie will be a great step mom, don’t worry. 😘


Going through custody issues, or having trouble making the other parent follow through on their word when it comes to scheduling or childcare matters?

I stopped in to chat with my favorite manager of all time about a week ago to get his two cent’s worth as far as being a single father and the daddy to a baby mama goes. His biggest words of wisdom and encouragement were, A.) To ALWAYS push for joint custody, because once a judge has signed off on the papers, what happens to the child while they are with one parent means that the other parent cannot control what activities the child does, or who the child meets; as the court had faith in the parent to provide proper care, so should the other parent now, too.

And B.) If you child’s other parent seems to always be flip-flopping what they say, or making promises and reneging them before they follow through, covertly carry a recording device with you, or, both agree that any time you discuss matters pertaining to your child, it’s done with a recorder between the two of you, so that there is a definitive, time-stamped history of EXACTLY what was agreed upon. This saves lots of “he said, she said” drama from happening in the future, if you can provide evidence from the past.

Always remember, if you’re the pseudo-step-mom, always operate via C.Y.A– Cover Your Ass.

-Miss Anguish

Just one second here. Excuse me.
But nonnymoms have it all wrong.

Hello, I am admin B- of Fuck Yeah, Mumblrs.

Our blog is solely to support all of you beautiful mamas, TTC'ers, WTT'ers, pregnant ladies, etc.

However, some drama got brought into it recently.

Yes, we did have an agenda after a little while- to out nonnymoms and get them SHUT DOWN

(especially after all of the miscarriage bashing).

Admin H began talking to K (who fanmailed us and said she wanted to out every admin on nonnymoms and gave us her kik). Lied and said her and L were the same person.. to mess with them.

We even did a whole fake conversation talking shit about H to send to nonnymoms to make it look like we are a fragile bunch who do not trust each other..

when IN REALITY every single move has been planned in order to shut down the hate blog.

Taylor (admin Z) left us when she said her life was too hectic and she couldn’t admin anymore. ((And H so graciously decided to trust her and let her admin, I will admit that I said NO. We should not have her. I did not trust her since she previously ran a hate blog. But H is too sweet and trusting)).

Taylor randomly popped back up. Wanted to make the blog solely dedicated to outting nonnymoms admins. She created the blog (and was NOT a current admin on FYM when doing so)
I, personally, do not know who else was admin.

AdminC blog showed up out of nowhere, I have no clue who they are, where they came from, and to my knowledge none of our admins do either.

AdminC is the blog that has posted all personal information (which was apparently submitted to them). Outtingnonnymoms only reblogged it.

Do I think it is okay personal information was released? Fuck no, I do not. I am not okay with that shit.

I do know that Sam is a sweet, awesome, caring person. She shut down a hate blog before, she despises internet bullies- and she is always there for her friends. She is even refusing to post shit that would cause Taylor hell- BECAUSE SHE IS A GOOD PERSON.

She would never release personal information. Ever.

And I 100% stand by her and everything in this statement.
Baby Mama Drama

I apologize in advance for what I’m about to say…I just can’t take girls seriously these days. If you’re sitting here getting knocked up left and right with a different baby daddy for each child then it’s hard for me to look at you with a straight face. Yes, I understand that things happen but damn how many times??? That ish is not cute.

A baby is not an accessory. These young girls out here getting knocked up back to back just proves that they’re not even mature enough to be having these kids. I don’t know maybe its just me but am I the only one who wants to have her ish together and her money right before even thinking about conceiving a child?

I mean, how can you let that many niggas go up in you raw?? One, there’s way too much out here to be going raw dawg. Two, they have free condoms at the clinic and at most college wellness centers. I don’t know man. This isn’t directed to anyone in particular. I just got tired of seeing all of these young girls walking around pregnant while pushing a baby in a stroller with one hand and holding a toddlers hand in the other…all while heading to the bus stop…

If you have kids and you’re taking care of them like you should then do your thing and I only wish the best for you but for the young girls still living with their mother and not doing anything with their lives but procreating, please learn how to keep your legs closed and your mind clear. thanks…sorry again if you feel offended. I just had to get that off my chest. 

believeratheart asked:

What do you think about the relationship between Francis and Lola? Thanks

Oooooh, what a question!  Especially considering that way back after Episode 12 I did a little post in defense of Francis and Lola after I saw a bunch of Francis stans saying the writers ruined his character by having him sleep with Lola. (see it here: A Bash Stan’s Perspective on the Unfair Treatment of Francis by Frary Shippers Post-Episode 12)  Though it should be noted that I was mostly defending the writer’s characterization of Francis (which was EXTREMELY CONSISTENT, as his behavior in ep 12 was simply a repeat of his behavior in eps 1-6) rather than Francis himself.  

Anyhow, as for Francis and Lola at the current moment.  I can tell you right off the bat that I don’t believe that either of them have any real feelings for each other.  That alone separates The Mary/Francis/Lola situation from the Catherine/Henry/Diane situation.  I think Lola is justified in not wanting to be irrevocably bound to Francis…would you want to have a royal’s illegitimate child after how he treated his own illegitimate brother??  (see my past post about Francis’ potential bastards here:  Note that at the time we didn’t know what Olivia’s return meant so I hypothesized that she might also  be pregnant)  I can’t argue whether Lola’s choice to keep the pregnancy secret from him is “good” or “bad” but I can say, if I were in her position, I’d do the exact same thing.  

One thing that is driving me absolutely bonkers about the situation is how Francis is being painted as the victim here.  Like, Mary firmly believes she is wronging him by keeping the pregnancy secret.  Never mind the fact that he kept the tryst itself secret for THREE MONTHS and then just kind of mentioned it in passing in the hallway like NBD. (This is the same guy who was so punishing of both Mary and Bash for kissing each other one time.) I hated that Mary just stood there and had to help him justify it.  Even if she couldn’t get mad at the fact it happened, she certainly could get mad about him not being up front about it the moment she decided to marry him.  (WHAT I WOULDN’T GIVE TO SEE HER JUST LOSE IT ON HIM FOR ONCE. Can you imagine…you and your fiance call off the wedding and part ways and then get back together and decide to get married after all and then three months later you find out he slept with your best friend the night before your reconciliation.  YEEAAAAAHHH.) Francis never gets called out for his behavior.  And people who never face any consequences for bad behavior…sometimes they start believing that they are not capable of bad behavior.  And when someone thinks that they are not capable of bad behavior…sometimes they start murderin’ ladies and saying ‘God chose me to do it.’  (I’m looking at you, King CrazyPants.)

I don’t really know if there will be a positive outcome for this situation (though part of that could be because of the fact that I think a “positive outcome” would include Mary telling Francis to get stuffed and riding off into the sunset with Bash).  I can say that Francis will find out sometime (because of course.  DRAMA) and I will be soooo incredibly livid if he takes Mary to task about keeping it a secret without ever facing any consequences for his own secret-keeping.  And I think Lola will probably fall for Greer’s unknown betrothed, so she might see a glimmer of hope there. Which gets me wondering…if Lola marries another man whilst pregnant with the future king’s child, does he still get a say in what happens to the child? Or does the husband get the final word despite the child’s actual origins??  

One last thought…since Bash knows that Lola is pregnant but he doesn’t know that it is Francis’ child, do you suppose he would ask Francis about Lola’s situation during their bonding time in 16? (Like, they’re on their merry way to fight the Darkness and to ease the awkward silence Bash goes, “hey, so hows Lola doing these days?  Feeling any better about her pregnancy?” and Francis goes, “say what about a pregnancy??” and Bash goes, “oh, you didn’t know? I thought Mary would have told her husband about something like one of her ladies being pregnant.” and then, realizing the timeline of everything, Francis faints and falls off his horse.) Could that lead to a fight between Francis and Mary at the end of the episode? Could that be the emotional break I believe Mary will need to send her back to Bash?

I cannot wait for this next episode.

(Short question…ridiculously long answer.  lol Sorry for the novel! But that’s kinda how I roll) ;)