baby magician

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The Magicians - Unauthorized Magic

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“She stood on the roof and made rainbow patterns with her hands against the rabidly bluing predawn sky until it stopped working.” 

The Magician King, p.124

young wild cub

I love doing kidlet collabs, and this is one I’ve been working on with the lovely Raefton (whose art is almost as perfect as she is). It’s the product of our mutual love of Varric/Cassandra, and so we give you our cub, Calliope Antonia Pentaghast (Tethras?), cutest half-dwarf that ever did live in our collective imaginations. 

I brought fic to the table, but here is Rae’s accompanying art, so you can see how adorable she is

They name her Calliope, for she’s very much her mother’s daughter, but she’s his, too, and her stories will last as long as his own, if not longer.

She’s four when she first asks the question – “Daddy, can you tell me the story of when Mama saved the world from dragons?”

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