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Luxy App

Haven’t seen anyone post about this yet so I thought I’d do the honors. 

So, though I’m with an escort agency now, I still sugar on the side to keep things interesting.  Let’s face it, I’m an optimist still hoping for my Christian Grey (without the emotional issues) to come along and sweep me off my feet.  

I was on my iPhone playing around and found this app Luxy.  It claimed to be the Tinder of the elite so I downloaded it.  Hey, it was free.

Right off the bat, I knew this would be different from other experiences with Sugar websites and apps.  Before you can start using the app, you have to have your profile voted in by other users!  I was nervous.  I cringed overtime I saw my profile was voted down.  But the 24hr grace period passed and I passed with it so my profile was approved and I got to swiping.

Again, just like tinder.  Swipe left.  Swipe right.  Though I have to admit, I’ve never used Tinder before but I’m told that’s what you do.  So I began getting matches instantly - I didn’t start using the app until like, a day after my profile was approved so apparently a bunch of guys had already swiped right on my profile.  

It seemed every profile I swiped, a match popped up so I created a generic message to send to them all and just waited to see who would respond.  I’ve gotten quite a few responses and my profile has only been live for 3 days.  I have my first date scheduled for later tonight and it’s with someone who is verified to have a net worth of over $500,000 per year. So that’s nice.  We’re having dinner at an upscale place here in town and I couldn’t be more excited.  He seems fun and he’s young so much different experience than SA or AM or any of those other sites I’ve used in the past.  

I’m not sure what other people’s experience has been with this app, but I am definitely liking it so far.  

I will keep you all posted on the pros and cons and my general experience.  And I’ll keep you posted too on “Passport” - my nickname for this new POT.

Until Next Time,

Just going to say that LUXY is a great way to find POTs/ rich friends and connections! Only joined last week and the people are much less salty than seeking arrangement. It’s also fun because of the swiping and easy to work on your phone! 

If you are thinking of using Luxy and want a little bit of a head start, use my reference code when signing up. The reference code gets you 10$ worth of credits :) 

Reference code: 9sxr