baby luca mcqueen

@juleshough: Happy 17 months to my silly, loving, hilarious, handsome, intelligent, adorable (I could go on and on!) Luca! I can’t believe you’re 17 months and turning a year and a half old next month!! (I know - I literally say “I can’t believe you’re (insert age here)” every single month. Momma still can’t believe how time flies!) You’re the best part of everyday and never fail to put a smile on my face. Watching you grow from a baby into a little boy has been the best thing I have ever witnessed. I’m amazed by you every single day. I may be biased, but you’re one smart little man, Luca Bear. I adore the way you can walk into a room and capture everyone’s attention. Your lack of shyness and your desire to entertain/put a smile on the faces of those around you leaves no doubt that you’re my son. I often wonder how so much personality can fit in such a tiny body!! I am so excited to see what the months and years ahead will bring, baby. Momma loves you so so so so much! #17months #luca