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Bro. Bro. i want to take a sip on this krisgate. I only joined this fandom last year so I've only read the legal side of kris leaving -law suits, sm cover up- and ive never read details because most articles talk about all 3 vaguely. Omg. What is all of this? Is there a luhan-gate and tao-gate too? what. happened.

WAit??? do new baby exo-ls really not know exactly what went down during the breakup of 2014?? like is it really that vague did sm cover up that much??? this is wild i feel like im homer abt to bestow the odyssey on all of u xdbskznks if i don’t post that means sm’s sent someone to take me out

it was all really confusing tbh because qe were getting info left and right and some of it was just rumors to instill panic but like basically kris didnt tell exo he was leaving he just straight up rolled out a window or something and then filed a lawsuit and it was wild bc exo started unfollowing him on ig really suddenly (rumor has it they were forced to do it mostly bc baekhyun kept following kris despite everyone else unfollowing before he suddenly unfollowed and a really wild rumor flew around that said that they used violence to make bbh listen) exo m was back in korea and on lockdown and suho did have one interview where he talked about kris (i dont really remember but i think he was telling kris to come to his senses or something this might be made up tho but i think sm was attempting to get kris to not file the lawsuit first) exo had their first concert tour in a couple days and it was honestly v sad i bet they were exhausted :( lawsuit stuff were coming out and exo didnt even talk about kris again until their second happy camp (even tho they didnt even use his name anyway) and like 2014 was a mess bc when a new lawsuit news development came out suddenly baekyeon was found out (conspiracy theorists say their relationship was used to distract the public from sm’s lawsuit and their human rights violations)

anyway luhangate was relatively less dramatic mostly bc luhan told exo about it. he was basically hospitalized from being overworked the months before but sm kept making him work and his last stage was the concert in beijing and im pretty sure the rest of the band knew he was leaving because they all looked sad and kept clinging to him (specifically yixing and minseok) and luhan looked so teary eyed and so so so tired and sick it was heartbreaking. luhan left and suho said something about supporting luhan even tho luhan filed the same lawsuit as kris

taogate was just….woah….because he sprained his ankle and he was made to get medicine by himself and at the beginning of 2015 he was apparently “sent” to LA for rehab for his leg but i think exo already knew at that point (there were no bday wishes for him on ig at least not publicly….im emo… baektao hort cried) then a statement came out that taos father wanted him to leave for health reasons and tao just never came back he started making new music but technically speaking he hasnt filed a law suit and is technically under contract (unless they negotiated by now idk) so he wasnt allowed to sell albums, he still made mvs tho and rumor has it he still talks to exo members when he goes back to korea and he said he still talks to luhan but probably not to kris tbh….

tbh the whole 2014 mess was why exo cried so hard when they won the daesang at the end of the year because they thought they’d lost it all after everything and they worked so hard to get it back….my babies….tbh also krisgate was the reason why let them rest culture began among international kpop fans….we’re all still hurt….and thats what you missed on glee

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Like an Angel ~ Chapter Two

An Oh Sehun We Got Married series

Not Requested

Genre: Romance // Slight Angst

Summary: (of this series) Two idols, one show, one marriage. Can you and Sehun fake your marriage for the fans? Or will that fake marriage start something between the two of you?

Summary: (of this chapter) Moving in with Sehun! Buying presents and angst…poor Sehun. Also I promise chapter three will be better :)

Word Count: 4,100 words

{Chapter one} {Chapter two} {Chapter three} {Chapter four, coming soon}

“Yes,” he says, but it comes out as a whisper. Nodding, his tongue peeks out once again to moisten his lips.

“O-kay.” you say awkwardly as you stand up. Walking over to him, you notice his posture straighten up.

Tilting your head and looking up at him, you smile again. And this time, he smiles back.

Just like an angel.

“H-hello?” you say sleepily into the phone.

You hear a man laugh, but not just any man. It’s Sehun.

You’re definitely awake now.

“Yah, were you asleep?” he asks in an amused tone. “Wake up, wifey.”

You sit up in your bed, holding the phone up to your ear. “Sehun? I think I remember my manager calling me.” you say, more alert now.

“She told me to call you with her phone. She wanted me to ask you if you were ready.”

“For what?”

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Have you ever felt like the whole world is watching you?
  • Imagine wanting to join your brothers living your dreams together but you can’t.
  • Imagine wanting to speak up about what’s happening but you can’t.
  • Imagine wanting to see the group of people you’ve spent the last few years with but you can’t.
  • Imagine wanting to sing and dance to your own songs with your brothers but you can’t.
  • Imagine wanting to see your babies, your Exo-Ls but you can’t.
  • Imagine what it’s like to be Lay.
  • We don’t know the full story, we might never know.
  • So why are we in a battle with one another when we can come together to support and protect that one person that everyone is watching?
  • It’s not his fault.
  • We Are One.
  • #ExoLProtectsLay