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So much for true love.


You’re cured, Mary. You’re going back to how things were… you and Otto. If i’m done here, i’m done here.

“Change into your bathing suit baby and then we’ll leave. I’m gonna go get the food out.” Axl says, kissing your forehead lightly before dipping out of the bathroom. 

You were suppose to be meeting the band at the lake but you weren’t sure at this point. With all your clothes off and the multiple mirrors in the bathroom it didn’t seem likely. You pull the bathing suit on, the little fabric not helping to relieve you at all. 

Looking over your body you felt sick. The idea of so many guys with all their pretty girls around then Axl being stuck with you. Slipping into the black bikini you look over ever detail. Search for any errors. Pulling at any extra skin you don’t think should be there. 

Starring at a few random bruises and scars along your legs and arms. A sick feeling coming over you, the fear of the guys laughing at you. 

“Babygirl?” Axl’s voice startling you, his heavy foot steps getting closer. “You ready?” A smile on his face, his excitement for the day growing. 

“Well I don’t know if I’m gonna go. I’m not feeling very well." 

He pouts at you, "What doesn’t feel good?" 

"My stomach.” Crossing your arms over your body. The urge to get out of the bathing suit growing with every second. 

Axl walks over, leaning against the counter looking at you, “Be honest baby what’s going on? You felt fine a few minutes ago.”

You look down, “I just don’t know if I should go. I mean all the guys are gonna have their hot girlfriends with their tiny waists and big boobs. Then there’s me. I don’t compete with that.”

“Baby girl you’re better than all those fake chicks. You’re real, real hot, and your perfect. Your face; with your pretty eyes and beautiful smile. Your skin is soft and you’re always glowing cause you’re so happy. I like everything about you sweetie, even your toes.” Axl’s smiles making you feel better instantly. 

“I don’t think I’ll fit in." 

He chuckles, "Y/N I promise you’ll be great. Everyone that meets you likes you. The guys love you, and all the girls they’ve brought around have liked you. Come on, for me?” Bright green eyes looking at you with a huge pout, hands crossed. “Please?”

Sighing you agree, “What if I don’t feel better?” You ask reluctant. 

“If you don’t feel better after like 20 minutes of being with everyone we’ll come home and have a us day instead okay? But I pinky promise you will have a good time.” His long pinky reaching for yours. 

“Okay baby.”

Axl jumps from the counter, “Great, we’re gonna have an amazing day. And baby," 


“I love you alright? Every bit of you." 

A small smile growing on you as you say you love him back. The red head gleaming as he takes off to the front of the house in excitement. You grab a few bottles of sunscreen, mostly for Axl, and head to the front door.

"You ready?” His wide smile making you laugh. 

“Yeah baby.” You walk out the door first only for him to slap your butt. “Hey mister!”

“Sorry, sorry! I’ll keep my hands to my self.” You hear him mumble probably before you both start laughing. The feelings of worry already washing away. 


More Daddy!Harry feels! Don’t mind me, I’m just…here.


“She won’t stop, Harry!” You said, your voice starting to shake. “She’s been crying for hours and I don’t know what else to do!”

You were currently pacing around the nursery with a tiny, screaming bundle of joy in your arms. At five months old, Mia was a generally good baby who let you sleep and didn’t cry. But then something happened; she started getting teeth. You couldn’t really blame her for crying all night; you would be miserable too if sharp pieces of porcelain were shooting up through your gums. But between you and Harry, you had probably gotten a total of five hours sleep in past three days. Mia was just absolutely inconsolable.

Harry was leaning against the door frame, watching you as you walked around with the baby. He was struggling to keep his eyes open, but wasn’t about to let you stay up another whole night with her.

“Here, I’ll take her for a while, love. You go lay down.” He said, coming over and reaching out his arms.

He saw you let out a very visible sigh of relief as you carefully handed Mia over to him. “She shouldn’t need to be fed, but if she does there’s a bottle ready in the fridge.” Then you leaned up to give Harry a loving kiss on the cheek. “Thank you.”

Harry gave you a tired smile. “You were in labor with her for 35 hours, it’s the least I can do.”

You exited the room and went to get some much needed rest, leaving Harry alone with the baby.

“Alright, my love.” He said, quietly. “What’s the matter, huh? Are you just trying to let me know how much those teeth of yours hurt, yeah?”

Harry started walking around the nursery with Mia in his arms, trying every trick he knew. He rocked her, he swayed back and forth, he bounced up and down, he even laid her down on his legs, but she was having none of that.

He was exhausted; almost to the point where he couldn’t think straight. But then, an idea came to him. One that his mother had told him about that had worked on him and Gemma when they were little. He walked out to the kitchen, grabbed a frozen teething ring from the freezer for Mia, a bottle of cold water for himself and then his car keys.

It was three in the morning, so there were no other cars on the road. Harry took a swig of the water to wake himself up a little bit, and handed the teething ring to Mia as he put her in her car seat. She protested at first, but Harry did his best to reassure her.

“It’s okay, my love. Just hold on, we’ll be moving in moment.”

It took about five minutes of driving before the shrill cries from the back seat started to quiet down, but eventually they toned down to whimpers.

Harry shot a glance in the rear view mirror and saw that Mia’s eyes seemed to be drooping, despite the still regular little cries that she gave out. He smiled and decided to attempt one more trick that usually worked: He started to sing.

I want to write you a song
One as beautiful as you are sweet
With just a hint of pain
For the feeling that I get when you are gone
I want to write you a song

When he finished the song he looked back again and was thrilled to see that Mia’s eyes were closed and her breathing was steady. Her little fist was clenched around the teething ring but the sucking motions had stopped, indicating that she was asleep.

Harry decided to drive around for a few more minutes, just to make sure that she was really out before going back home. He held his breath as he stopped the car, hoping it wouldn’t wake her up but she didn’t budge. He went around and carefully lifted her out of the car seat; her limp little body falling against his chest.

“There we go, angel..” He said, placing a kiss on her forehead. “Are we all good for now?”

The house was deathly quiet when he went inside. He quickly took Mia to the nursery and gently laid her down in her crib, watching to make sure she wasn’t going to stir, before pulling the blanket up around her and running his fingers over her soft head.

“Sleep tight, my love.”

Harry made his way back to your bedroom and found you sound asleep. He pulled up the blanket and snuggled himself down next to you, pulling you to him and wrapping his arms around you.

You both got a record breaking three hours of sleep before the familiar sound of crying woke you up again.


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Period Pains//Im Jaebum

Originally posted by bunminsook

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Your period cramps have become unbearable, and Jaebum is doing all he can to make you feel better.

Author’s Note: YAY FOR JAEBUM FLUFF. WOOT WOOT. This scenario is for my favorite Jaebum stan of all time, @imsarabum i love you very very much and i hope you smile lots and lots when you read this, yay~

xoxo Sara

Your period had always been bad. Most times, you would be able to push through it, bearing through the constant worry that plagued your mind, if you had maybe leaked through your bottoms. But this time, the pain was absolutely unbearable. You felt as if your being stabbed multiple times in the stomach, the searing, sharp pains not allowing you to move from your spot on the couch.

Jaebum had been at work very easily that morning, allowing him to come home early, which he never really did. He had stopped by the corner store near your shared apartment to pick up a few things for you. He called you as he searched the aisles, humming softly to himself as he sorted through the boxes of chocolates, searching for your favorites.

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ʜᴇʏ, ɢᴜᴇss ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴛɪᴍᴇ ɪᴛ ɪs? ɪᴛ’s ᴊᴏsʜᴜᴀ ᴛɪᴍᴇ! ᴘʀᴇᴅᴇʙᴜᴛ ᴏʀ ɴᴏᴛ, ᴛʜɪs ʙᴏʏ ɪs sᴛɪʟʟ ᴀs ᴘᴇʀғᴇᴄᴛ ᴀs ᴇᴠᴇʀ!