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Happy birthday to beautiful, precious Daehyun who works tirelessly doing what he loves, is so humble about his incredible talents, is so dedicated to his team and adores his Babyz so much. 

I love this moment even though I tear up even thinking about it everytime; he sang a song on this show that his father sang at karaoke to cheer him up during the hiatus, and he was so thankful to be singing on stage again in front of his fans that he couldn’t hold back his tears. Being an artist is his life and you can see his passion in everything he does. We’re so grateful to have him and the rest of B.A.P back together again ❤️❤️❤️

Happy Birthday Daehyun!
I miss her.
I miss laughing and kissing,
My mouth exploring every inch of her.
I miss the way we hold each other,
Look at each other,
Love each other.
I miss the way my mind flies around the room when her lips embrace mine,
And I miss her touch.
Whether it’s rough but necessary,
Or the most sensitive, yet moving, thing I am ever going to crave.
—  My aching heart

nestofthought  asked:

What instruments do you think the gang would play if they were in a band? What type of band would they be?

I really like this!! This is an interesting prompt! Thank you so much for the ask!


  • If he were in a band - he’d play the bass. 
  • Or; he’d be the lead male vocalist. 
  • The fans love him - they love him so much. 
  • He’s the one that all of the girls are thirsty for. 
  • Each group has one. 

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  • Drums - he loves drums. 
  • They’re a good way to take out his anger at those shitty adults. 
  • You either love him or hate him - there is no in between. 
  • The fans are split on his “character.” 
  • Is he a vulgar guy - or is he really a sweet cinnamon roll? 
  • Most fangirls believe the latter. 

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  • Lead singer of the group/ Lead female singer
  • She writes a good chunk of the songs - with Makoto and Akira, of course. 
  • Good with people. 
  • She’s the poster girl. 
  • Pretty much everyone loves her - but some hate her for no reason. 
  • She doesn’t care though; she shoots them down like the badass she is

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  • Guitar is his instrument. 
  • He helps a lot with the promotional aesthetics and band costumes
  • If they aren’t within the aesthetic - he makes it so. 
  • He’s a painter on the side
  • The fans think he’s weird but he’s a ray of oblivious sunshine so it’s okay. 

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  • She’s more of the manager. If she has to play an instrument - it’s something classy - like the violin or piano.
  • She helps write some songs. 
  • She’s very good at people. 
  • The fans love her - she’s not as loved as Akira and such, but she receives warm, caring vibes from the fans for dealing with the crazy band. 

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  • She usually remixes the band’s songs/is a sound manager/DJ/whatever it’s called 
  • She hacks stuff on the side. 
  • Not very good with people. 
  • Because she’s not good with people - the fans see her as shy and endearing. 
  • It’s cute. 

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  • She’s the backup vocalist; although she’s extremely shy about it. 
  • However, she did learn how to play piano, and sometimes plays along with Makoto onstage. 
  • Loves to garden on the side. 
  • Sometimes pitches in to help with songs - whenever Ann and the rest are having a dry spell; she creates a soft song. 
  • She’s okay with people - if a little shy. 
  • The fans see her as a delicate sheep - but if they only knew…..
  • Cute #2 

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