baby loooove


i almost married someone who didn’t love me



In honor of Sougo’s birthday, why not post a few more photos? So here, have a lil collection of fave pics from the ones I’ve taken in the past few days !! I wanted more variety but the best pics ended up being from this one outfit ; ω ; lighting is really bad to handle here at home!! As always the lens barely show, uwah // But I’m still happy with these!

Maybe I can never be as cute as Sougo, but when cosplaying as him, I surely do feel a lot cuter than I usually do! So that’s another reason why this boy is so special to me ♡ Thanks for letting me borrow your cuteness for these photos, my darling! ´ ω` ~♪

I love Sougo so much… And i7 in general! Because it brings me so much happiness in many different ways… I can’t help but feel a little emotional thinking about it waah ; ω ;” Yeah maybe I DO take fictional character birthdays too seriously but honestly? I don’t really care wahaha ~☆

I don’t even care how spoilerific this is (you guys know this spoiler already anyways so whatevs) I literally just shrieked when I got this email okay???

Because I am a loser and @soddingcloudgazer is an awesome artist, and because @tia-luna and I needed more art of our precious dorks, I got yet another commission from Ida and I am just squealing right now.

Endgame, these two dorks end up together - it’s very much the childhood best friends to eventual lovers scenario, and I do mean it when I say eventual. They take a very long time to figure it out - I’m talking a good ¾ or so of Journeys before it happens, not kidding - and then they’re a pair of adorable dorks.

Hence, wedding fluff! And she did such a fantastic job on this omg Ida tyty they look perfect ;____; <3

Silas Theirin technically belongs to @tia-luna as much as she’s given him to me to write as I please (loooove you <3 )

Isera Rutherford is mine!

Commission by the ever lovely @soddingcloudgazer <3

i’m making myself eat lunch bc i have to go on a long walk to get to an appointment then home again and there’s nothing to really eat but i found a can of baby corn so i thought yeah ok 65 calories for the whole can if i don’t eat it all i can eat the rest later whatever and i remember as a kid i used to loooove baby corn but the texture of it really creeps me out now it reminds me of tentacles ?????

I really like the idea of College!AUs where Sebastian drunk-dial ciel at night like:

“Cielllllll baby I loooove you so much”

“Sebastian are you drunk”

“nO of course not whyy wouLD You thinkso”

“Go get some rest you idiot I can almost smell the alcohol on you”

“Oh aahhaha do youuu wish y-you were withme bby”

“No I have things to do go sleep Sebastian”

“noo not untillll you tlell me you love me cilelllc bby I love you so mush”

“Okay okay I love you so much Sebastian now go sleep”




Snow White reimagined - collaboration between myself and lyrangalia [inspired by lyra’s words]