baby looks lovely in blue

Nomanita is the most beautiful wlw ship I have seen in years,

They’re the fucking epitome of ride or die.

Like what wouldn’t they do for eachother? Paint your toe nails? Come here baby I got you and blue looks lovely on you. Burn a hospital down after your bigoted mother tried to kidnap you? Someone hand me the lighter. Wear silly costumes that are over the top even when my taste is more simple? Always baby there’s nothing like how you smile when you have a project. Go on the run from the fucking government and accept your life as a dangerous hacker who has 7 other people living in her brain? This sound like a costume opportunity babe I’m thinking Nancy Drew but with leather.


“Have some fire.
Be unstoppable.
Be a force of nature.”


Welcome to @zyxnet: Call Me Baby era

I drew @ethernetbot for @crankyplier because Im shameful trash, but I’m excepting shameful trash and love all other dark versions of these characters.

Hell, CC loves other dark versions of him better than him LOL.

I blame the anon who roams around to tell to watch Brave Police J-Decker and I did… Look what I did ww

I’m already so tired, arriving at home from school but I have the urge to draw him first before going back to rest and watch this series again

Stay - Finn Balor

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This was requested by @eshia16 sorry if this was kinda bad (to me it was) I had a hard time trying to get an idea for this song 

All you have to do is stay a minute
Just take your time
The clock is ticking, so stay
All you have to do is wait a second
Your hands on mine
The clock is ticking, so stay

Everyone knew Finn and Y|N were a thing. Even the fans shipped it. Y|N looked up as Finn got up from the sofa. “Please stay. You have time.” Y|N said, grabbing Finn’s hand. 
“I got to go, love.” Finn said, kissing her forehead. She sighed. Dating a wrestler was hard. He travels everyday of the year. He hardly gets time off. 

Make it on my own, but I don’t wanna grow up
We can stay forever young
Living on my sofa, drinking rum and cola
Underneath the rising sun
I could give a million reasons why
But you’re going, and you know that

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