baby looking

You know how it goes. I always notice him :T

His eyes are so pretty *v*

Also, how does Aizawa do it? How can you teach while a precious croissant is looking at you like this?!

He’s so cute wth

Bonus pictures *from the preview*



Does anybody else need a whole episode with flashbacks to James in the military? Like I have so many questions (mainly what he looked like in uniform… but anyway) how did he get out? what tf happened? why did he end up in a cartel? where is his family? how long did he serve? did he choose to leave or was he told to leave? like I really need to see this, please.


what’s he talking about? i think you should follow him. oh? and what about you? how are you gonna come back? i’ll walk. sure? yeah. really? i can. okay, i’ll follow him!

Ok. So I went to get a massage yesterday for the first time in my life (and oh my god why didn’t I go sooner??!) but anyway:

Au where Keith is a hard working mechanic who does a lot of heavy lifting that strains his back muscles and goes to get a massage once a month. And he always books the same massuse. Shiro. Shiro is very skilled at what he does. His higher tech prosthetic is from his time in the army, and was hell to prove leagal to use as a massage therapist. After the army and trying to find his way in life, somehow found himself giving people massages for a living. And as of right now his favourite customer is one extremely cute and shy Keith Kogane. Who is always a stuttering mess when he comes in. It’s adorable really. (And also he has a really cute butt).

Pidge, the receptionist at the studio, along with the other masseuses, lance, hunk, Allura, Lotor, and Matt, all have made betts to see how long it’ll take before they finally cave and go on a date. Currently the only ones still in the race are Pidge, Matt, and lotor. Sometimes they’ll all get together to drink and complain about how they can’t handle the pinning anymore! Only for lance to drunkenly declare he will play matchmaker every time only to pass out and forget the promise the next day.

A Season 14 Wishlist

  • Sam being as protective of kidnapped!Cas as Cas was of kidnapped!Sam in 12x01
  • Some mention of Dean’s torture and lessons under Alastair since Dean is watching Michael torture people through his eyes
  • Cas finding out how Dean treated Jack before he came back
  • Sam, Cas, and Jack bonding
  • Some mention of Sam, Rowena, Cas, Mary, and Jack’s trauma as it relates to Lucifer and his death
  • A unique plot line, characterization, and motive for Dean Armstrong’s character
  • Dean wears the hat even after Michael is gone because Dean chose the hat, not his captor, and we all have to deal with that so Jensen can live out his Peaky Blinders dreams
  • Sam, Cas, and Dean’s trauma from possession all receive acknowledgment (maybe we get a closer look into it)
  • Sam’s powers become relevant to the plot once more
  • Cas and Mary venting about not understanding this time period very well
  • 7 lesbians (Jody, Donna, and Company) return so their plotlines get cleaned up
  • Some good old-fashioned scenes of Sam & Cas hanging out—watching Netflix, reading together, making sandwiches, doesn’t matter
  • Sam and Mary parallels and introspectiveness
  • For Michael!Dean to last longer than we think he does 👀
  • For Sam, Cas, Mary, and Jack to avoid narrative antagonization
  • More Rowena/Billie interaction
  • Fun, thought-out, meaningful MOTW episodes