baby lock the door and turn the lights down low

keith has a love/hate relationship with country music

  • he loves country music
  • he hates that he loves country music
  • he hates that he knows all the words to every fucking country song
  • he hates that he enjoys singing along
  • everyone else hates that too
  • keith and lance on a date, lance tells him to put on some music and the radio just starts playing baby lock the door and turn the lights down low–
  • keith would give his right foot for tickets to a carrie underwood concert
Keith tries to serenade Lance
  • Lance: *doing nightly face routine*
  • *knock knock*
  • Lance *opens door*: Wha-
  • Keith: Baby lock them doors and turn the lights down low
The Fachs: A Casting

Note: some of these are based more on personality than vocal range or color. All of this is in good fun, and you may not agree! Oh well!

Lyric Soprano

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Dramatic Soprano

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Light Lyric/Coloratura

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Lyric Mezzo

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Dramatic Mezzo

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Lyric Tenor

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(I know Bruno Mars is so tiny and silly but I also love him and when I think of him I think of loud, high, screamy voice and isn’t that the epitome of heldentenors?)


Basso Profundo

*Insert Audio Clip of “Baby Lock Them Doors and Turn the Lights Down Low”*

Take it Off

Characters: Sebastian Stan x reader

Word Count: 1077

Warnings: implied smut, if that counts

Author Note: I never thought I’d write a fic based on a song, but my man Bruno just gets me with this one. Listen to Versace On The Floor while you read this!

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Sebastian stared at you, a small smirk on his face. “That dress really is…ravishing, doll,” he said softly.

You smirked, glancing over your shoulder as you entered the bathroom to take off your makeup from the busy premiere of Captain America: Civil War. It had been a long night, and while you were grateful for the opportunity to show up as his date, the only thing keeping you from falling asleep on your feet was the feeling of his hand on the small of your back. And, of course, the constant stares you got from him, hungrily staring at the soft material of your dress that covered your body, draping over your curves.

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Voltron: Legendary Defenders in a nutshell

Shiro: Dad, Daddy, Papa, Father, whatever you choose it won’t matter because he’s still your dad. Eyeliner on FLEEK THO YOU GET EM’ DADDY SHIRO.

Pidge: A small green ball of anger and smarts.

Yes, we’re sure. Also the castle is a ship.

Keith: May be an emo f u c k, but hes still ready to

*turns around on heels, tipping cowboy hat*

baby lock them doors and turn them lights down low

[One TINY problem occurs]: i crAD eLeD  Y o U i n mY a r MS

also, he’s an idiot, but a very loveable idiot at that

Lance: Hmmmmm which ones the GAYEST looking one? (points at lance) ITS YOU. HE’S THE CHOSEN ONE EVEY SHIP FOR ITSELF.

[In that ship]: “I promise our relationship will be more developed than me in season two”

Probably accidentally asked the wrong girl to homecoming his freshman year of high school.

Hunk: Acts like Gordon Ramsay, but on MasterChef: Kids edition.



Allura: Beautiful Mother. She drinks green tea and gardens, but also wards off the galra at the same time and doesn’t even break a sweat. Shes the overpowered oc we didn’t want, but the overpowered oc we needed

Coran: The gorgeous man. And teenage him proves it.