baby leo you are adorable

VIXX reaction - when their s/o likes to sit inbetween their legs

It took my quite a time to actually understand s/o usually I see it as “shoutout”, then “son of” but I guess you meant Significant Other.

N: “My adorable baby~”

Leo: A little bit shy, but he enjoys it. Just look how much!

Ken: This little pups loves it alot! He’d play with you, aw~

Ravi: “Just don’t punch me again in.. you know.”

Hongbin: “Why do you have to do even when I eat? Ok, you want a piece?” *feeds you*

Hyuk: “It’s cute, but… why there?” *a lil shy Hyukkie??*

Skye trying to convince Simmons to stay

Skye deliberately unpacking Simmons’s suitcase every time her back was turned

Skye telling Fitz that Simmons left

Skye re-writing Simmons’s identity

Skye keeping tabs on Simmons through her Rising Tide connections

Skye deliberately disobeying orders by trying to contact Simmons repeatedly

Simmons ignoring all of her messages

Skye watching Fitz deteriorate

Skye throwing herself more fully into her training, trying to find any kind of distraction