baby leo get in my pants

The signs as relatable Sebastien Lefebvre tweets
  • ARIES: That yodelling bear has my baby dancing
  • TAURUS: Overdue for an adventure.
  • GEMINI: Just got vomited on. PS: reruns aren't so bad
  • CANCER: I do not spend enough time without clothes on
  • LEO: Old dumb life, brand new attitude. #MotivationMonday
  • VIRGO: The awkward dilemma of uncomfortable good looking pants...
  • LIBRA: Explain to me how when a bug is about to die it uses its last energy to flip over.
  • SCORPIO: Saturday. I might get a smaller amount of emails today.
  • SAGITTARIUS: The hot water in coffee machines always tastes like coffee. Probably cuz I'm the only one that drinks water from a coffee machine. I'm smart
  • CAPRICORN: The thing about tank tops is that I feel kind of insecure about exposing my armpit hair to the world like that. I'm weird.
  • AQUARIUS: Favorite karaoke moment: falsetto part in "take on me".
  • PISCES: This evening needs popcorn.