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Meet an instant baby Leila Fletcher! (the randomizer wanted to name her Leilani but I already have one). Let’s just pretend there was a time skip during which Irene was pregnant. I wanted only one more baby - a girl - and they both have fertility treatment so I didn’t want them to have triplets or quads in a natural way.

Anyways, little Leila has Irene’s hair, Nate’s eyes, and looks like Milo in general.

Eleanor stared up at the box of cereal she wanted with disdain. It was up on the highest shelf and pushed all the way to the back. It was also the last box. She walked looked at either ends of the aisle, alone for the time being. She didn’t want to go bother an employee for a ladder to get it down for her. Eleanor put her basket down and stepped onto the shelf second from the bottom, lifting herself up to be able to reach the box. She grasped for it, fingers just grazing the edge of the box. She cursed her average 5′5 frame mentally and stretched, getting her fingers just around the edge when a noise behind her startled her. Her hand slipped from her she was holding onto the shelf for safety and she slipped backwards, landing hard and ungracefully on the floor. “Ow,” was all she said, a pain radiating in her ass where she’d fallen. And the box was still on the shelf, mocking her. 

It’s not like I had a humongous plan for what Season 4 was. When you’ve done 66 episodes, you don’t even have time to think. I knew the endgame, but I didn’t know how we were going to get there… Rachel being pregnant and the decision to write her pregnancy in definitely became the creative choice that fueled what her and Wade’s relationship was. If that character got pregnant, that’s it. That’s going to be the most important thing that’s ever going to happen to her, and her and Wade. Yes, that really dictated what the season was, but I was so grateful because it really gave us a new way to the story. I like to think I would, but I’m not sure that I could have, come up with something as great. Maybe I would have had her get pregnant later on, but to know that I had to write her pregnancy into the first episode because she was already six months pregnant… We really just had to expedite things. It just makes a very clear story. It was very clear to me the second that I knew she was pregnant, they’re going to have sex, because I’m not going to have her have someone else’s baby.
—  Leila Gerstein on Zoe’s pregnancy storyline [x]

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Hi there! Idk if you are taking prompts, but I think this one is a gem for anyone interested: My local radio station is having a "hottest dads" contest for Father's Day where the winner gets tons of prizes. After hearing it all I could think was married-with-kids sterek. Stiles snapping sexy pics of hot-Dad!Derek & submitting them, determined to win. Then Derek complains at first, but then gets really competitive. Stiles reaps the sexy benefits of steamy photoshoots with his hot dad husband ;)

So, Monica wasn’t a fan of her work placement. Beacon FM might have been the hot dive back in the day, perhaps when The Beatles were storming America, but it’s most definitely peeked. She’s not even sure people listen to the radio these days. Monica sure as hell doesn’t. But, her journalism teacher Ms Barry is so freaking enthusiastic, and such a sweetheart that when she sailed into the classroom announcing she’d found Monica the perfect opportunity to further her grade, Monica hadn’t the heart to tell her no. 

Besides, her other option was to sit around and watch re-runs of Frasier all day, and though she’s appreciative of the banal humor, after a while she starts laughing like Sideshow Bob and judging herself. 

Summer is tough. 

Correction, summer was tough. 

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Fifty shades movie reaction

Walking into the cinema like:

When the movie started and I Put a Spell On You was playing

When Christian and Anastasia first met:

When she’s all drunk and calls him: I loved this scene so much! Dakota’s laugh is just adorable. “Come have coffee. Come here…stay away!” Never going to get over it 

“I don’t do romance”

The fact that they played Love Me Like You Do when they’re going to Seattle in Charlie Tango:

“I don’t make love. I fuck. Hard” “Let’s go fix your situation" 


Business meeting: This was one of my favorite scenes in the entire movie. The lightning was distinct and perfect for the situation. Their dialogue and the way they speak it was delightful, it was both hot and funny.

When Carla calls Anastasia after the graduation and she starts crying bc Christian didn’t stay:

First time in the red room of pain:

When we almost see Jamie’s penis

Glider scene:

*again, dakota’s laugh is freaking cute I can’t take it* *you DO romance baby YOU DO*

When Did That Hurt is playing and then Christian hit Ana on the palm and asks her if that hurt and I was the only one laughing at the cinema

Final scene in the red room- christian going fifty shades of fucked up with her When Ana kept asking christian why he is the way he is and he yells  ”BECAUSE THAT’S WHO I AM!” HAD ME CRYING TEARS OF BLOOD AND WANTED TO VOMIT and then she tells him “show me how bad it can be” because she loves him too much and wants to understand the way he is and not losing him no matter the cost and he doooooeeessss he shows her! CAN’T SEE MY BABY CRYING THAT SCENE WAS TORTURE and there was an old lady sitting behind me that went crazy and started calling christan names I cried 

And when she finally leaves him

the look of devastation on christian’s face when ana told him to stay away from her will forever have me depressed and emotionally unestable.

Ohhh and when the realization that I just saw the movie and that now I have to wait another year for darker hit me

P.S. If anyone wants to discuss the movie feel free to send me an ask, I’d love to hear what you think of it. (:


Remember when Finch did something rash?… sweet little Leila …

A Walk in the Park (1057 words) by TheaNishimori
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Person of Interest (TV), Rinch - Fandom
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
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Relationships: Harold Finch/John Reese
Characters: Joss Carter, Leila Cruz
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From Episode 1.17 “Baby Blue,” Reese’s thoughts on the brief time spent with Leila together with Finch.