baby le roy

After leaving his horse in the stable, Phillipe saw his brother sparring on the lawn. A chance to let out some anger would not go amiss. Plus a chance to stab his brother. Who would pass on that? Upon noticing his brother Monsieur turned to face him. “Phillipe. Join us?” His steps became a little heavier but remained in the direction of his brother as he slid his sword out of its scabbard. “No French blood spilled in Boredeaux!” Phillipe’s mouth turned sour at the mention of blood, the recent war still haunted him but never would he admit to his brother of the nightmares that ruled his sleep. “It went as to be expected if that is what you are indeed asking.” Monsieur clinked his sword against Phillipe’s, “Come on little brother. Find that fighting spirit we know so well!”

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→ Fake book covers : The Accursed kings saga by Druon (part I/II) // requested by my darling thesacredfireoflove.

 "The novels take place during the reigns of the last five direct Capetian kings and the first two Valois kings, from Philip the Fair to John II. The plot revolves around the attempts of Robert of Artois to reclaim the county of Artois from his aunt Mahaut.‘This is the original game of thrones’ George R.R. Martin".