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Inktober Day 16 - Small Things

“This has to stop.” Rocket mumbles to himself, lying on the floor. He gets up, picks the little metal tube that made him trip and fall like an idiot and goes straight to Quill’s bunk.

“Stop leaving your crap in front of my door!” startled by the noise, Peter abruptly takes his headphones off. He didn’t hear what Rocket just said, but the raccoonoid seems pissed enough already… Perhaps asking him to repeat himself might not be the best idea.

“Come again?” well, Peter rarely goes for the best idea, anyway.

“I said” Rocket fumes “Stop leaving your crap in front of my door!” he insistently taps his foot on the ground as he waves the incriminated object in front of Peter like it’s a magic wand.

“Now you know what it feels like to live with you.” answers Quill, frowning “My whole ship is covered in your crap, I feel like I’m stepping on lego bricks all the flarking time!”

“Now don’t even try to convince me you didn’t just make up the word lego!”

After that, they yell at each other for what could be a good half hour. Rocket is one of the most chaotic beings in the whole galaxy, and it doesn’t matter how he insists in calling it “organized chaos”, it’s still chaos. Him leaving all kind of (mostly dangerous) knick-knacks everywhere on the Milano is something that annoys the rest of the team to no end. So, instead of discussing it like grown adults, Peter decided to get his revenge by placing small things around so that Rocket would trip on them. So much for his skills in problem solving.

“Clean up your mess and I’ll leave you alone forever.” Peter eventually promises.

“Well, you’d already have a sparkling ship if you told me that before.” Rocket glares at him.

That’s when Groot decides to walk by.

“I am Groot?” they both panic.

“No!” they say, simultaneously. There’s no need to drag Gamora into this.

“I am Groot!” in his tone there are both anger and disappointment. It’s unexpectedly intimidating, coming from him.

Peter and Rocket look at each other in disbelief.

“Is he…” Peter points in Groot’s general direction “… Is the kid accusing us to behave like kids?”

Rocket slowly nods.


“And did he just ground us?”


“… Damn. Is he serious?”

“You’re asking me?”

“I am Groot.”

“We know you can hear us.” Says Rocket. “So what do you propose to do, since you’re so wise?”

Groot ponders it for a second, then smiles.

First, he makes his friends say sorry to each other. They reluctantly comply, offering half-assed apologies. Then, Rocket has to pick up his stuff from everywhere but his usual workplace, with Peter’s help.

Sat on Rocket’s shoulder, the twig supervises. When he’s satisfied with their teamwork, Groot kisses both of them on the cheek and announces he’ll go play with Drax until dinner is ready.

“He’s starting to become a bit too bossy. And scary.” Peter notices. Rocket chuckles.

“Yeah. Hey, about that… have I ever told you about that ravager guy he killed back on the Eclector?” he asks.

“He did what?!?”

Notes: A big thank you to @memoryweaverphoto, who saved the day by writing: “ First thing that pops into my head, for ‘small things’ is: small things that Rocket/Peter/Gamora/etc do that really irritates the other Guardians… “ I swear I tried to stick to what you said, but it’s one am and I had a rough couple of days, so this is the best I managed to come up with. Fighting bestfriends and a bossy tree. I’m sorry. But I hope you’ll like it anyway(?)


“i don’t have the tears to cry anymore. but…i at least have to keep yu safe” // “i promise you, mika. even if i have to sell out the whole world to do it, i’ll make sure you’re turned back into a human.”