baby kittens :3

Smol Lasot babies love spending time with there babysitters.

Okay so here’s a future rebels headcannon, Au, thing? 

So Sabine, Ezra and Zeb; on a mission together rescued a crate of newborn Lasot’s from a smuggler.

They all formed an attachment to Sabine and Ezra given they stayed aboard their ship most of the time; so gradually there attachment also grew to Mira.

When Sabine and Ezra left for missions. The five Lasot kittens would either go to Mira and her Togruta friend. Or to Zeb (Who the five of them were attached to also) 

anonymous asked:

girl... Help Me ... there are 3 babi kittens close to my house w their mam.... they're all unhealthily skinny... very pretty babys ... I want 2 take care of the family but my mam won't let me take them home..... also idk how 2 feed them in secret bc she will also understand if there's food missing in the house .... then i will b grounded ... what do,..... im worried, they hardly ever get fed !!!! Help !!!!!! any ideas ?????

Ask friends to bring you leftover meat and feed the mom cat that way if shes still nursing, otherwise also feed the kittens. Ask neighbours or whomstever lives nearby the cat to maybe bring her their leftovers when they have some. Go to a nearby restaurant, store, deli, butchers and ask for leftovers or food scraps, they always have some and are willimg to give you when you say youre gonna feed cats. You can ofcourse also buy her food but idk if your situation allows you to. Also i dont think its a good idea to call the shelther because i dont think they will be much happier there. You can bring them a cardboard box and some blankets to lay in. But the easiest thing to do in your situation is to tell your friends, neighbours and family and ask them to help the cat out.

acidilous-lemon  asked:

*Disguises in stork* Hum hum, im here to take two baby and send them into a new family... I will not eat them... Absolutly not...

Axel: “If you just wanted to hang around, you could have asked. I wouldn’t have said no. But if you’re really here to kidnap my cousin and his little friend, I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to leave. I am their babysitter, and it’s my duty to watch over them and protect them.

Nice disguise by the way.”

Axel is awfully nice and polite and it makes me scream omg

Taysir and Bene baby kittens: 3/5

Guest! Taysir’s cousin Axel: 4/?